Women Are Banding Together To Shut Down Makeup-Shamers

Photo: Via @hajf_05.
Last month, beauty vlogger NikkieTutorials posted a touching video (which is at 17 million views and counting) of herself applying makeup to half of her face, titled "The Power Of Makeup." The goal of the video was to shut down makeup-shaming haters and hone in on the important message that dolling yourself up is a personal choice that shouldn't require an explanation — aside from the fact that it makes you look damn good.

Now, many women are showing their support on Instagram and posting their own Nikkie-inspired transformations. Using the hashtag #ThePowerOfMakeup, ladies from all over the globe are uploading their own half-makeup, half-no-makeup selfies. The pictures come with some heartfelt captions proclaiming that they don't wear makeup for other people, they wear it for themselves as a means of empowerment.

Click through to see the split selfies — both for their serious makeup skills and their powerful messages.
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Photo: Via @hajf_05.
"Because when someone asks who I'm trying to look good for, my answer is always 'myself.' I wear makeup because it's fun, not to hide my insecurities or to look nice for a boy." — @hajf_05
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Photo: Via @afifa__.
"It's okay if you love wearing makeup. And it's also okay if you don't like makeup. You do you. You don't have to force anyone to do or like something they don't want to." — @afifa__
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Photo: Via @ziweig.
"Whether I'm wearing lots of makeup or no makeup, I'm always the same person inside." — @ziweig
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Photo: Via @mua.p.
"I love makeup as much as I love looking natural. I do makeup for ME and not to impress anyone!" — @mua.p
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Photo: Via @donnabennettmakeup.
"I love makeup, and you should too; don't be ashamed or embarrassed that it makes you feel either a little bit better about yourself or a whole fucking lot better about yourself. It's all about how happy you are on the inside that counts most, and if drag-queen makeup does that for you then bloody rock it out." — @donnabennettmakeup
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Photo: Via @camilaxmorales.
"This video isn't to show the difference between the two sides of the face; it is much more than that. It is about being comfortable in your own skin, not being ashamed of showing your true self, and also to just have fun with makeup whether it's applying a lot or a little... Do not worry about what others say!" — @camilaxmorales
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"Yes, my skin isn't flawless and I do get blemishes, and have a few light freckles... But it's me. ☺️ No one is perfect — be happy in the skin you're in — makeup doesn't define you!" — @annikat_makeupartistry
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