Will The Bikini Necklace Be This Summer's Big Jewelry Trend?

For anyone who finds style inspiration from Beyoncé or Rihanna, the idea of a working a body chain into your swimsuit look is not foreign. But, this summer, there’s one accessory that claims to be the "must-have," at least according to the PR blasts in our inboxes. Dubbed "The Bikini Necklace," this jewel du jour lays perfectly between your top’s triangles. In short, it’s cleavage bling and the necklace demands that you shouldn't be shy about it.

While jewelry might present a couple challenges for the beach — e.g., hot metal. Ouch. — it's not exactly a new concept. Any lariat, bolo tie, or other low-hanging necklace can be considered a bikini necklace. And, from Coachella to the Hamptons, the style is commonplace. Even flash tats have become a sternum accessory alternative for those looking for something temporary and less likely to get lost in the ocean.

To call this layered triangle style The Bikini Necklace is certainly not incorrect. But, there doesn't seem to be anything truly specific about the style that makes it a necessity for a swimsuit — as opposed to a bra top or blazer à la Jennifer Aniston — except the length. Instead, consider this a case of very clever marketing turn of phrase that's making an existing trend feel a bit fresher. Ahead we've rounded up jewelry that may not have "bikini" in their names, but serve the same purpose.

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The Bikini Necklace, the original. We won't deny it's a clever marketing concept, but what will you call it when you wear it come October?
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Just a reminder of where your actual eyes are.
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Something for the minimalist.
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And, something for buried treasure seekers.
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Beach necklaces, like all necklaces, can be layered.
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Of course, feel free to wear them with your one-piece suits, too.
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Consider it your beach bolo.
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Up the single-strand look with this multi-layered design.
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Chunky charms are lovely.
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But, feel free to opt for a single sternum stone if you're planning something more active.
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And, in case you didn't already apply, you'll definitely want to remember sunscreen for this one.