The Sex And The City Guide To Surviving Wedding Season

Here’s a fun word problem: Exactly how many New York weddings does it take to make someone go bankrupt — literally and emotionally — in a single summer? Sex and the City attempted to answer this question for six damn years, throwing Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte through the wringer — disgustingly-large diamond rings and all. And, while the girls weren’t dealing with an endless barrage of engagement 'grams and Facebook announcements, their worst bridal blunders did teach us timeless lessons on how to deal. 

If there’s one thing Carrie and co. showed us, it’s how to be a good friend at all costs — even when you can’t believe how expensive that blender on the registry is. Here’s all the sage advice you need to conquer wedding season in NYC. (Although, enjoying a few cocktails along the way won't hurt.)
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Remember that the grass is actually green-ish on both sides.
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Complain to confidantes — it’s cardio for your psyche.
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Bouquet tosses are overrated.
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Sometimes throwing shade is the only way not to sweat it.
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Appreciate the little things, especially the generous slices.
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For every corny adage you’ll hear about marriage, remember that there’s a less corny, truer one about friendship.
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The more you worry about the toast, the more likely it is to go up in flames.
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Posing for pictures? Hard and time-consuming. Being yourself? Easy and worth the post-nuptial LOLs.
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Sometimes, it might feel like the universe is laughing at your misery.
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Because registries should be for everyone. #TreatYourself.
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Dying alone is kiiiind of a fallacy.
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What happens after the reception — with someone you met at the reception — stays...out of the rest of your life, hopefully.
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Don’t let the love in the air go to your head.
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When being single in matrimony mayhem gets you down, remember the ultimate Carrie-ism.
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And, if all else fails, remember these two very important words: Open. Bar.