Chris Evans Shaves Beard, Divides A Nation

Photo: DDNY/Broad Images.
Chris Evans announced today that he and his beautiful beard are parting ways. And, as a result, he's all but divided a nation.

The actor shared on Twitter this morning that he's got to ditch his facial hair for his upcoming role in the third installment of Captain America. "We had a good run, but this is where I leave you," Evans wrote on Twitter. "Thank you for braving the Boston winter with me. I miss you already." 

Evans' decision has sparked a lively debate on Twitter. Take a look at just how mixed the reactions are. "DO I CRY OR CRY?" asks one user. "This is offensive," writes another. On the pro-shave side, you've got the likes of "THE EXCITEMENT IS REAL," and "It's time that you show your fucking beautiful jawline."

Regardless of where you stand on #BeardGate, we can all agree that seeing more of Evans on the big screen is a good thing. If the beard is an opportunity cost, so be it.

In the spirit of thorough reporting — and maturity — I've already reminded Evans on Twitter about the golden rule of appearance changes: Pics or it didn't happen. 

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