Here’s How Emma Watson Does Sweats

"Don't wear sweats to the airport" is one of those supposed style rules that, like "don't wear white before Memorial Day," is meant to be broken. Done right, lounge pants can look every bit as sleek as jeans. And, bonus: They feel infinitely more comfortable on long flights. Besides, if it’s good enough for Emma Watson, it’s certainly good enough for us.

Yesterday, the recently-turned 25-year-old was spotted at JFK in track pants paired with a blazer and fancy flats. The Tibi joggers were banded with striped cuffs, creating a tapered silhouette. And, because matching’s fun, Watson played up her pant’s hem with a black-and-white Breton T-shirt. The Smythe jacket brought a little sophistication to the outfit — but, because of the breezy, cut-away detail, it wasn't too stuffy to wear with sweats.   

Like everything Emma does, this is a move worth stealing. Here’s how to do it.   
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Photo: XPUS/AKM Images/GSI Media.
Emma Watson was photographed at JFK making sweats look like a fashion statement, and politely reminding us that there’s nothing she can’t do.
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Just try to find a cooler blazer than this one. (Spoiler: You can’t.)
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An extra-stylish take on your high-school track pants.
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You can never, ever (ever, ever, ever) have too many classic, striped tees.
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These strappy flats are just as hot as any pair of stilettos.
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Wear this satchel over the shoulder, across the body, or on the crook of your arm — but whatever you do, definitely wear it.
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Emma’s proof that there will always be a place for Wayfarers.