TV Friends Who Became Real-Life Besties

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We learned this morning that the Full House reboot is officially happening. Fuller House, which will air on Netflix, will star D.J. Tanner, a widow, along with sister Stephanie and bestie Kimmy Gibbler. The plot feels remarkably similar to the original, but we don't even care. This show means the triumphant return of television's greatest best friends, D.J. and Kimmy. 

Upon further inspection, though, that friendship never really ended. Candace Cameron Bure and Andrea Barber have remained close over the years. And, lucky for us, they love nothing more than documenting it on Instagram. That got us thinking: Some of our favorite television pairs have ended up the same way, as real-life BFFs. Ahead, 10 of TV's greatest duos who took their friendship off-screen and into real life.
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Photo: Courtesy of Jeff Franklin Productions.
Kimmy Gibbler & DJ Tanner, Full House
They were the bar against which all teenage-girl friendships were measured.
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Andrea Barber & Candace Cameron Bure
They've remained close friends long after the show ended. Just look at this collage situation Barber shared on her Instagram. "She's a keeper this one," she captioned, adding, "28 years of friendship going strong. I can hardly wait for all of the fun that awaits us in the future." Kinda feels like foreshadowing now, doesn't it?
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Tina Fey & Amy Poehler, Saturday Night Live
There's yet to be a combination that was so deadly behind the "Weekend Update" desk.
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Poehler sums up their friendship with Fey quite nicely in her memoir Yes, Please. "People think of us as a 'comedy team' and I am not quick to correct them," she wrote. "Why wouldn’t I want to connect myself to the fiercest and most talented voice in the comedy world?"
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Kelly Kapoor & Ryan Howard, The Office
When they weren't kind-of-dating, they were scheming. It was incredible.
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B.J. Novak & Mindy Kaling
Check out either of their Instagram or Twitter accounts. They're always hanging out and causing their fandom at large to wish they would just date (again?) already.
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Cast of Greek
There are some pretty adorable friendships, here, but the one that's really got us is the off-screen relationship with Cappie, Ashleigh, and Calvin.
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Paul James, Amber Stevens West, Scott Michael Foster
I mean just look at them.
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Shawn Spencer & Burton 'Gus' Guster, Psych
This crime-fighting duo makes for a great on-screen pair.
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Dulé Hill & James Roday
In fact, they work so well together they became best friends off-screen, too. Wonder if any of those nicknames carried over.
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Monica & Rachel, Friends
Do we even need to recap the saga that is the Geller-Green friendship?
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Jennifer Aniston & Courteney Cox
These two are still at it. Aniston's even the godmother of Cox's daughter, Coco.
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Arya & Sansa Stark, Game of Thrones
Sure, they bickered plenty on the show. But, the Stark sisters have that sibling love between them.
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Maisie Williams & Sophie Turner
A cursory glance at Turner's Instagram reveals an adorable friendship between the two actresses. We want more, please.
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Nate & Chuck, Gossip Girl
High school friends. Roommates.
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Ed Westwick & Chace Crawford
They even lived together while filming Gossip Girl.
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J.D. & Turk, Scrubs
Perhaps the greatest bromance on television.
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Zach Braff & Donald Faison
It's guy love.
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Lucy & Mary Camden, 7th Heaven
Of course the Camden sisters took their on-screen sisterhood into their real lives.
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Jessica Biel & Beverley Mitchell
Biel was even one of Mitchell's bridesmaids when she got married. Isn't that sweet?
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