Selena Gomez Wears Body-Con The Cool-Girl Way

Photo: Juliano-Maciel-KMM/
While Selena Gomez was spending her weekend frolicking on the beach in Mexico, TMZ and friends spent their weekends scrutinizing her alleged “newfound” curves. Fortunately, the former Disney star brilliantly responded with a super confident Instagram snap declaring that she "loves being happy with me." And, then she hit the airport looking like a total babe in a body-con dress. TMZ didn’t stand a chance.

Slouchy seems to be the silhouette of choice these days, but Gomez’s outfit is a nice reminder that there’s still a place for slinky. The trick is to avoid the body-con mini — that moment has passed — and instead opt for calf-length or longer. It’s also crucial to skip stilettos, unless you’re going clubbing (and you’ve time traveled back to the early aughts). Her badass Balenciaga biker boots do the trick. She doubled up on tomboy vibes, topping her dress with an effortlessly cool track jacket.

The best way to shut down the haters? Wearing an outfit this rad. Click ahead to crib Selena's look.
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Photo: Juliano-Maciel-KMM/
Selena Gomez was photographed at the airport in a white track jacket, combat boots, and a charcoal body-con dress that put her much-discussed and seriously bangin’ body on display.
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Tossed over your shoulders a la Selena, this jacket is the epitome of casual cool.
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This reversible (!) T-shirt dress will be your go-to all summer long.
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You probably wouldn't think to wear body-con with biker boots, but you should.
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True to its name, it doesn’t really get more luxe then this truly timeless Prada tote.
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The wire bridge adds a little something special to these classic tortoiseshell shades.

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