Bet You've Never Had Pop-Tarts Like These

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When it comes to childhood lunch-box nostalgia, there are few items we remember more fondly than Pop-Tarts. But, these days, you'd hardly recognize the dessert staple. Local restaurants have been offering up inventive takes on the toasted bits of heaven, and the results are too good not to share. Never known to pass up an inventive food trend when we see one, SoCal is taking the desert staple to new culinary heights — and weights.

Take, for instance, Donut Bar's Big Poppa-Tart, a 1-pound donut stuffed with crushed Pop-Tarts in the center. (We couldn't make this stuff up.) But, the sugary iterations aren't the only versions you'll find on menus. The pastry square has also gone savory, with gourmet fillings like smoked port confit, and lobster and gruyere. Click through for eight reasons you'll never settle for a store-bought Pop-Tart again.

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Photo: Courtesy of Abigaile.
Abigaile’s P.I.G. "pop tarts" are stuffed with smoked pork confit, bacon, and gruyere.
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Photo: Courtesy of C+M.
Fuel up for museum strolling at LACMA's C+M coffee shop, which offers a lemon-and-lavender twist on the dessert du jour.
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Photo: Courtesy of Barton G.
Barton G.'s Lobster Pop Tarts are filled with lobster and gruyere mornay sauce. For full effect, they're served in a retro toaster with sides of Tabasco hollandaise and tarragon aioli.
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Photo: Courtesy of Nickle Diner.
These strawberry versions from DTLA's Nickle Diner are just as good as they look.
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Photo: Courtesy of Donut Bar.
The infamous Big Poppa-Tart from Orange County and San Diego's Donut Bar locations.
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Photo: Courtesy of Dia de Campo.
We can't wait to try Dia de Campo’s Mango Pop Tart with honey yogurt.

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Photo: Courtesy of Beer Belly.
Pick your poison: Beer Belly offers deep-fried Pop-Tarts in strawberry and s'mores flavors.
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Photo: Courtesy of Semi Sweet Bakery.
Swipe up homemade strawberry, PB&J, or apple cinnamon iterations from Semi Sweet Bakery.