7 Chocolate Easter Eggs We Just Can't Say No To

Photo: Courtesy of Francois Payard.
We've never been able to resist chocolate, whether it's in the form of bars or a rich, steaming cup of cocoa. It's probably a given that Easter — with its myriad of animal-shaped chocolate confections — is one of our favorite holidays to indulge our sweet tooth.

Chocolate artists are taking the humble Easter egg to new heights. And, to say that some of these chocolate eggs are amazing would be a huge understatement. With ornate three-dimensional designs and whimsical packaging, some of these wouldn't seem out of place in a museum's Fabergé gallery. Ahead, seven truly inspired designs that will make typical dyed Easter eggs look like child's play.
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How cute are these praliné-filled aviator figures? We want to bite into that ivory chocolate scarf immediately.

La Maison Du Chocolat Aviator Egg, $45, available at La Maison Du Chocolat.
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The only thing better than a chocolate caramel egg is one with bacon.
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Shine bright like a gemstone.
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A milky, galactic treat.
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Snakeskin handbags are out, python-patterned desserts are in.
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The hand-speckled shells, the peanut butter and white chocolate filling, the cute carton packaging...What's not to like?
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For your inner sweet tooth and artistic inclinations.
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This isn't exactly an egg confection. But, maybe these chocolate covered chicks did come before their eggs.