Alessandra Ambrosio’s Coachella Packing List

Photo: Gregory Pace/BEImages.
Think you've had some memorable times at festivals over the years? Alessandra Ambrosio's might just top yours. "I met my fiancé at Coachella, so that was obviously my favorite moment," Ambrosio told us. (Considering the supermodel and Victoria's Secret Angel is a bona fide Coachella veteran, the odds of meeting someone there were certainly stacked in her favor.)

Even back in L.A., Ambrosio embodies that cool, flower-child look that's become an Indio signature. So, it's only fitting that her newest fashion collaboration drops just in time for the annual desert mecca. Launching today, ále by Alessandra x Planet Blue's summer collection is rife with tie-dye, lace, and soft, flowy fabrics.

"When I design, I’m always thinking of a free spirit," Ambrosio said. "Somebody who wants to be confident and make a statement with her clothes. She wants to be by the beach all day and dance all night in the same outfit."

Sound something like your Coachella dream outfit? We thought so, too. Ahead, the Brazilian bombshell reveals all the stylish items she's bringing to this year's fest. Be prepared to want everything.
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Essential #1: Blush
"I don't wear much makeup to Coachella because you start to sweat, and I don't like makeup running down my face. I'll do something creamy for the cheeks. I always wear this one from Vincent Longo — it's a water-based cream blush, so it doesn't go anywhere and it's not oily."
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Essential #2: The Perfect Dress
"I have a lacy romper that looks like a little dress that I’ll definitely have with me. I’ll also be taking some ále by Alessandra bikinis to wear underneath, too."

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Essential #3: Sunscreen
"I like to put on a lot of sunblock before I go. I use four different brands of sunscreen, but I have one from Israel from this woman Mimi Luzon that I use every day right now. It's a very light sunblock for the face."

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Essential #4: A Basic Bag
"I like a cross body bag with fringes. Nothing too big that you can’t carry the whole time you’re there. Something practical that’s still stylish. In my bag, I'll take my cell phone, lip balm, sunglasses, and maybe a scarf for when it gets cold. Sometimes I’ll also take a jacket and just put it around my hips. I don’t keep much in my bag — you have to be very basic."

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Essential #5: Lip Balm
"For lip balm, my favorite right now is from Beautycounter. The one I love is minty and really refreshing, and it’s really good for your lips."

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Essential #6: Comfortable Shoes
"I really like this Brazilian brand called Schutz. I used to be the face of it, and I’m a big fan of them. I'll definitely bring some Schutz sandals to Coachella."

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Essential #7: An Old Flannel
"I like to wear my fiancé's sweater and one of his flannel shirts. That’s my secret [to layering]: Just get it from your fiancé!"

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Essential #8: A Really Good Camera
"When I go to the concerts, I’ll bring a real point-and-shoot camera that’s good quality so I can get cool pictures from the festival."

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Essential #9: Shimmer!
"I have a white shimmer from RMS Beauty that I like to put on my eyes. It’s very light. You can put it on your cheekbones, too."
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Essential #10: Some Serious Luggage
"I'll definitely be bringing my collection of Rimowa luggage."
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Essential #11: A Statement Hat
"I like felt hats, kind of like a fedora, but with a longer brim. I like a cognac color — something that will go with black and brown and beiges."

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