Chris Pine Addresses His Single Tear From The Oscars

Photo: David Fisher/Rex/REX USA.
At this year's Academy Awards, John Legend and Common sang their Oscar-winning song "Glory." It was a touching performance that inspired a standing ovation from the crowd. It was so beautiful, in fact, it inspired a single, beautiful tear to fall from the equally beautiful eyes of one Chris Pine. 

On Tuesday night, Pine was a guest on James Corden's Late Late Show. Naturally, this emotional moment came up in their conversation. He admitted people were giving him a hard time about it. "Yeah, I got a lot was a wonderful performance, and it was really moving. A lot of people gave me a lot of crap for it," he told Corden.

But, the late-night host made the point that it's probably because of how gorgeous Pine manages to look when he's sobbing. "When I cry I look disgusting," Corden told him. "Look at this! Have you ever seen anyone look so handsome whilst they're crying?" 

Watch Pine try to explain himself in the clip below.