The Surprising Way Most Millennials Meet Their Partners

Photographed By Lauren Perlstein.
You may think that if you're dating, but not online-dating, you're missing out. Online dating now constitutes a $2.2-billion-dollar industry, so there has to be something behind it, right? It seems that every time we visit the app store, there's another newly-launched platform that claims to help you meet The One — or at least find a companion for the evening.

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That's why the latest dating news from Mic might surprise you: The publication surveyed 2,373 coupled 18-to-34-year-olds and found that a relatively slim 9.4% reported meeting their S.O. on "online dating websites or apps" — compared with 38.6% who reported finding their partners "through friends in common." That's right: The single most common way to meet a significant other is through your pals.

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Of the survey respondents, 22.3% met their partners "out in a social setting," while 17.9% met theirs through work, making for an overwhelming total of 78.8% who met their partners IRL. (Meanwhile, 5.8% of respondents reported meeting their significant others on social media, while 6% responded "other." As to what that might mean, your guess is as good as ours.) Count this all as good news if Tinder isn't your style — or if OkCupid has failed you one too many times. It appears that a real-life meet-cute is still a real possibility. (Mic)

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