8 Elizabeth Taylor Quotes To Inspire Strong, Passionate Women

Hollywood doesn't make stars like they used to. Sure, we love Emma Stone and Angelina Jolie, Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence. We follow their every romantic entanglement, ooh and aah over their red carpet gowns, and buy tickets to their latest movies. Somehow, though, they don't exude the same glamour of the actresses who ruled the silver screen in the Golden Age of Hollywood. Back then, no one was more glamorous — or more controversial — than Elizabeth Taylor.

She was a tabloid mainstay thanks to her eight marriages. There was the scandalous story of stealing Debbie Reynolds' husband, Eddie Fisher; Taylor's rocky relationship with Richard Burton (who she married twice) was stuff of legends. She was beautiful and talented and an incredible force of nature. Not to be forgotten, though, is all the good Taylor did with her AIDS foundation — especially in the early days when most of the country was terrified by the mysterious epidemic.

Elizabeth Taylor would have been 83 today, February 27. Four years after her death, her presence is still missed, though her star power can still be appreciated thanks to her incredible filmography. Ahead, we've found eight of her best quotes on love, life, and being a total badass. You are bound to be inspired.
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Despite the fact that Elizabeth Taylor had a marriage-ending affair with Debbie Reynolds' husband, Eddie Fisher, the two women later became friends and starred in a movie together, These Old Broads.
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A sense of humor is essential when you work in Tinseltown.
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One of Taylor's earliest films was 1943's Lassie Come Home; and she became a household name after her role in National Velvet. It's worth noting that she also starred in 11 films with her fifth husband, Richard Burton.
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Sage advice every woman should live by.
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Taylor faced a lot of controversy and heartache in her lifetime, but she was never scared to seek out adventure.
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Taylor made headlines when then husband Richard Burton gave her a 69.42-carat pear-shaped diamond in 1969.
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Well said.
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Taylor owned her emotions and channeled them into her acting career, playing a host of powerful, emotional, challenging women in movies like Cleopatra and Butterfield 8 (a role which won her an Academy Award).
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