17 New Hairstyles To Try, Straight Off The Runway

There was a lot to see at Fashion Week — the outfits! The street styles! The bejeweled eye makeup! But, let’s be real for a minute: Nothing trumps the hair. After all, you have to wait for that cool, limited-edition eyeshadow to come out next season, or for that killer bag to hit stores. With hair, you can try the inspiration for yourself the morning after the show, if you so choose.

Or, you can try it at your best friend's wedding this spring. Because, so many of these styles are bridesmaid-appropriate (in the best way)! Even if you can’t DIY your dream 'do, you can bring a picture to your stylist so you’re the most badass bridesmaid of ‘em all. You could also repeatedly try to master the French-twist ponytail until you finally do, earning yourself a badge of beauty honor so dazzling and triumphant that we would be truly impressed. (But, come on, ain't no one got time for that.)      

Click through to see what inspired us this season. From multiple takes on the simple chignon to a return to ‘70s glamour — and even a colored-wig situation that we had to get behind — these are the only hair looks you need to see from New York Fashion Week. 

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Photo: Courtesy of Vera Wang.
Vera Wang
There was an undeniable elegance to the simple (but not too much so), undone knots by Paul Hanlon seen at Vera Wang. This season, Vera’s girl had a neo-goth vibe, with long silhouettes and all-black everything. “She sees no point in theatrics, or in putting herself out there,” Hanlon explains.

Enter plenty of Bumble Thickening Hairspray to beef up the strands and add texture, once rough-dried with the stylist’s fingers. After spritzing, Hanlon curled the roots about six inches down “for movement at the temples that feels a little bit more fractured.” He added more hairspray, gave the hair a good shake with his hands, and created a slight side-part. “Then, secure a loose ponytail, split it in half, roll the pieces up for a twisted bun, and pin into place, spraying the ends for a spiky effect,” he says.
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Photo: MCV Photo.
Donna Karan
Full disclosure: “There [is] $35,000 worth of weaves at this show,” says stylist Eugene Souleiman of the modern Lauren Bacall look at Donna Karan. His best nugget of advice for weave-wearers? “When you first purchase hair, it’s coated in copolymers that weigh the hair down,” he says. “So, you need to make sure your stylist washes it with a clarifying shampoo to give it a more realistic texture, and make it easier to style."

Backstage, manicurist Deborah Lippmann lovingly points out, with a devilish grin, that the hair is “wet, yet dry,” alluding to the single panel of strands that's slicked down with gel. “Sometimes, we get direction from the designer, and we wonder how we’re going to pull it off,” she says. “But, Eugene did it!"
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Photo: Courtesy of Zero + Maria Cornejo.
Zero + Maria Cornejo
It should come as little to no surprise that the most badass — and, dare we say, best — hair of the week came courtesy of James Pecis, the stylist responsible for Taylor Swift’s faux-shag on the cover of British Vogue, among countless other innovations backstage.

“We get to do something today!” he says with a smile. “The inspiration was an eccentric woman — an artist. So, I wanted something that was strong. We created a mohawk using lots of teasing and Phytovolume Actif spray, and then made two cornrows starting from the temple going toward the back of the head. But, instead of a full cornrow, we skipped a side of the braid each time, adding hair only from one side.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Rodarte.
There was nothing revolutionary about the hair at Rodarte. But, of all the loose waves we were to witness being curled, brushed out, dry-shampooed, and raked through with fingers, these were the most exemplary.

“We asked the models to show us what they feel like is beautiful hair in their own lives,” explains super-stylist Odile Gilbert. “If they have bangs, we keep them. If they want a middle-part, we do that. We do as they say — giving them a wave right until the moment when they feel they look beautiful.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Rag & Bone.
Rag & Bone
The reference for the rag & bone girl was a cross between Jean Seberg in Breathless and Milla Jovovich in The Fifth Element. Translation? This probably isn’t a look you’re going to try at home — and, that’s okay! It’s just fashion — and this faux-pixie moment was a breath of fresh air backstage.

Hanlon twisted the hair, overlapping it to get fringe on the forehead, then placing nets all over and blowdrying with a sock diffuser so that it laid completely flat. “It’s so extreme, you almost don’t recognize the girls,” he says. “But, there’s still a femininity to it."
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Photo: Courtesy of Badgley Mischka.
Badgley Mischka
Stylist Peter Gray for Moroccanoil created a “walk of shame” hairstyle for the opulent Badgley Mischka runway — at which we laughed, because whose hair manages to look that elaborate after a drunken night of debauchery? (Unless, there wasn’t much debauchery to be had, and your partner for the evening happened to have multiple silk pillows for you to carefully perch your head on. In which case, you wouldn’t be walk-of-shaming home; he or she would call you a car. But, this is beside the point.) This was yet another take on that retro, ‘70s vibe that was echoing throughout a select few shows. It was big, unapologetic glamour — and we loved it.
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Photo: Courtesy of Mara Hoffmann.
Mara Hoffman
Ms. Hoffman said that her collection “is about…allowing the Force to be with you at all times.” And, as any Star Wars devotee knows, the Force is all about killer hair. Cue Thomas Osborn’s “intergalactic warrior tresses,” which he made by securing two pre-made braids behind the ears, crossing them over the crown in an "X" shape, and then braiding each of the ends into a pony, incorporating more wefts. Complicated? Yes. But, matters of the galaxy usually are.
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Photo: Courtesy of Victoria Beckham.
Victoria Beckham
“This simple, sort of half-ponytail is both a sophisticated and an easy look, which creates a modern feeling on the runway with Victoria’s beautiful new collection,” says hair god Guido Palau. It also barely requires a how-to — just leave out the ends and spritz with a firm-hold spray so they get stiff, adding lots of texture, which makes the look less lazy-girl and more considered.
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Photo: Courtesy of Herve Leger.
Hervé Léger
“I thought, do I want to see a bun? No. Do I want to see a French twist? No. I don’t want to see things that look contrived and ladylike. I want something that a girl could actually do to herself today,” says Orlando Pita, the hairstylist backstage at Hervé Léger. The result? A hybrid ponytail-French twist — something Pita admits isn't the easiest of styles to try on your own, but promises is worth the patience. “It’s just two rolls that get put into a ponytail at the bottom,” he explains. Godspeed, ladies. (And, watch this space for a step-by-step tutorial.)
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Photo: Courtesy of Derek Lam.
Derek Lam
Here, it wasn’t the hair that caught our eye, per se. It was the custom accessories that Pita and team created for the show. “When I was in school, girls used to wear things like this, and it reminded me of that moment,” he says. [Ed. note: We may or may not still own one.] "And, I always have chopsticks in my bag, so we...cut those in half, sharpened the ends, spray-painted them, and then used the scraps of leather Derek provided.”

The best part? They were made with love. “I spent my Valentine’s Day night making these,” Pita says with a smile. We’d say it was worth it.
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Photo: Courtesy of Zac Posen.
Zac Posen
If you can score this beautiful of a wave at home (and you’re not a professional hairstylist), we’d like to shake your hand. No, seriously, come to the office and show us how you do it. Because, this look, created by Gilbert for Moroccanoil, is immaculately gorgeous.
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Photo: Courtesy of Diane Von Furstenberg.
Diane von Furstenberg
If Vera Wang’s knot was meant for a cool girl who doesn’t care, Diane von Furstenberg’s was the exact opposite: “It’s about seduction,” Pita says of the chignon. How naughty! (Knotty?)

“Basically, she’s the woman who wears her hair messy all day, and then picks it up with her hands and scrapes it back into a low, messy bun with pieces falling out,” Pita says. “We just twist the hair and allow the pieces to fall out as we pin it into place. After that, we spray with Tresemmé’s Perfectly (Un)Done Hairspray. It should be imperfect.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Suno.
Suno designers Max Osterweis and Erin Beatty were inspired by “elements of madness,” including Bertha Mason, an insane character in the novel Jane Eyre, as well as graphic, primary colors and the brand’s typical wild-but-appealing prints. Gilbert took all of that and turned it into a sleek, wet-look ponytail that she looped and held in place with a graphic clip. Consider this fresh-from-the-shower chic, for those mornings when nothing else is possible.
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Photo: Courtesy of Beauty.com.
Ryan Roche
Pecis for Beauty.com was also behind the knotted ponytails at Ryan Roche, which he half-pulled back and pinned into place repeatedly until they reached the nape of the neck. Starting with wavy, textured hair will give you the best results here.
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“The inspiration is Catherine Deneuve,” Pecis says of the voluminous, flipped-up hair at Honor, courtesy of Beauty.com — a departure from all the other looks of the season. “But, they gave us these silver, metallic headbands to work with, so it has a modern feel.” The key to that killer blowdry? A great round brush and tons of volumizing spray. But, leave out the top section and use mousse on it instead before blowing it out for the big finish.
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Photo: Courtesy of Marissa Webb.
Marissa Webb
Stylist Jeanie Syfu made another case for the chignon with an elegant braided bun at Marissa Webb. She started with center-parted hair, and then parted it from ear to ear, backcombing for grip and texture. She then repeated this process with the remaining hair, tied those sections into a knot at the top of the pony, and then French-braided through the lengths. Then, she twisted and pinned it into place, pulling out pieces in the front for a romantic feel.
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Photo: Courtesy of Jeremy Scott.
Jeremy Scott
Scott told Souleiman that “hair color would really add to the collection,” but the stylist was a little nervous. After all, pastels and rainbow colors can feel a little, well, played out — and this is always a show that’s on the cutting edge. But, Souleiman did some research and stumbled upon these fascinating Japanese dolls, all of which had color right at their roots. “We wanted to do that, but make it look like a little girl had just cut her doll’s hair,” Souleiman says with a smile. “So, we bought these cheap wigs in Midtown and just sort of hacked away at them. It’s a bit of an angry bob.” The color — courtesy of Blick Art Materials — only made it more fun.
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