Your Horoscope For This Week — Feb 22 2015

Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
It’s always a plus when love knows no bounds — and with Mars and Venus synced up in passionate Aries all week, that’s pretty much guaranteed. But, pouncing on the ones we love like eager golden retrievers? Oh, no. Early this week, Saturn — the classy, disciplinarian planet — wags a finger at any gauche expressions of affection. Tone it down, stargazers. Or maybe, uh, get a room. Holding back doesn’t mean letting the fire die out. Just pile on the tinder slowly to create that slow-burning heat. Spacing out the sexting sessions and brag-worthy hookups has an extra benefit: more time to go inward, reflect, and hang tight with your spirit guides. The sun and soulful Neptune host their annual meetup on Wednesday, calling for some midweek introspection. But, first, there could be some chaos and confusion. Like shining a bright light (the sun) into fog (Neptune), we can only see what’s right in front of us — not the way-off distance. The upside to this sun-Neptune merger? It helps us embrace “the power of now” and notice all the beautiful (or beautifully flawed) aspects of life that we’ve been overlooking. Bring on the priceless moments!      
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Make your mark at work this week, Pisces — not by throwing random, unformed ideas into the pot, but by stepping up with a well-thought-out plan. A project may be floundering for leadership, and you’re the perfect person for the job. Gather your data and put it into a neat spreadsheet. Don’t forget the pretty visuals, too. A few curated photos and a sleek font can be the difference between “meh” and “magical.”

Speaking of magic, you’ll be extra-enchanting on Wednesday, when the brilliant sun aligns with your ruling planet Neptune. Both will be in Pisces, to boot, making this THE day to bring your hidden talents to light. The law of attraction is also on your side. Focus on what you DO want to manifest — heck, make another vision board while you’re at it. Keeping a clear picture of your desires (while avoiding complaining and catastrophizing) can bring them to life at lightning speed.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
It’s an “I love myself” week for Rams, as the stars sound the call for personal expansion. With cosmic creatrix Venus and make-it-happen Mars both in Aries all week, you have some serious fire in your belly. Lending support is Saturn in your ninth house of adventure, learning, and growth. You’ve always been the one with the big dreams, but have you cast a wide enough net? And, do you have a solid structure in place to achieve lift-off? Invest in yourself, Aries. That might mean working with a coach or consultant, signing up for a series of workshops, or traveling to make your mark on a new territory. Don’t settle for the easy route here. A little elbow grease and intellectual curiosity can take you far.

Have you been hanging on to a grudge? Resentment is like downing a glass of Drano and expecting the other person to keel over. It just doesn’t work that way, so do yourself a favor and work on releasing that anger. Forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting or even getting friendly with the offending party. It simply means accepting that the situation happened, distilling the lessons, and moving on. You have better uses for your brain-space than ruminating!
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
"Let it go, let it go?" Not if it means getting all bull-in-a-china-shop on the world, Taurus. Your emotions run deep this week, but they can also run amok. “If you see something, say something” is fine advice to follow when, say, you’ve spied a suspicious package on the subway platform. But, it could be a disastrous MO if you speak up based on every knee-jerk reaction or assumption that floats through your brain. Get the facts BEFORE you react, particularly if you’re feeling jealous or possessive about a person in your life. Holding back a little can help make you more desirable, too. Let yourself be pursued, even if being patient feels impossible.

On the upside, you’re quite compassionate this week and could really make a difference for a person in need. Let a loved one lean on you. (Note: We didn’t say drain you like an energy vampire.) Your bond will grow stronger from supporting a friend through an intense moment. Speaking of support, does Team Taurus truly have your back — or have it in the way you need? With the sun and therapeutic Neptune aligned in your social-networking house, you might just have to spell it out for your crew. A frenemy could be illuminated, and it’s probably best to cut her loose. Once the trust is broken, it’s hard to get it back.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
The ground is ripe for collaborations this week, Gemini — ones with the lasting feel of a Lena Dunham-Judd Apatow production. Survey the landscape of your social network. Rather than posting a random status update or mass-emailing your 1,001 friends, handpick the people you want in your soon-to-be exclusive entourage. Taking time to approach people individually gives your invitation an auspicious air. Plus, you’ll be able to vet your prospects with more care. What do YOU want and need? Tapping your well-connected contacts is the quickest way to nab the new job or hook up an apartment swap for your spring-break getaway.

Some career confusion may ensue midweek, when the sun and Neptune get together in your 10th house. You may feel uninspired or even overwhelmed by trying to figure out what to be “when you grow up.” Deep breaths, Gemini, as you are likely overthinking it. The right question to ask is simply, “What’s next?” Apprenticing alongside the pros is a savvy shortcut, even if you have to offer up some free labor in exchange for the insider’s view of how things are done.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Calling all alpha females! Cancer, you can be as take-charge as you are nurturing, and this is the week to lean into your leadership potential. Sure, your stellar people skills will come in handy, but you don’t want to coddle the capable. That just stalls your mission and leaves YOU picking up the slack. Be more demanding of the people on your team. Letting them know that you believe in them is a compliment, and super-empowering to boot.

In-between power lunches and mastermind meetings, let yourself dream of far-flung vistas. With the sun and enchanting Neptune meeting in your travel sector midweek, your spring-break plans could come together fast. You might even add a soulful component to the journey, returning to a place from your early childhood or signing up for a yoga and meditation retreat.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Sometimes, Leo, more actually IS more. With Mars and Venus in your expansive, exotic ninth house all week, turn your life into an extended treasure hunt. Curate wisely, though. Saturn, in your luxurious fifth house, would rather you spend a few dollars to build a collection than fall prey to instant-gratification fixes. A cross-cultural connection heats up this week, and could lead to a spring-fevered romance or a creative collaboration.

The sun and Neptune weave their energies midweek, when they meet at the same degree of Pisces in your eighth house of wealth. One of your obsessions could turn into a moneymaker, Leo — maybe it’s time to open up that Etsy store or shoot a video for an Indiegogo campaign. If you’ve been confusing sex and love, some illuminating insights will come later in the week. Recategorize appropriately, so you don’t waste time trying to turn a player into a prince.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Draw a tighter boundary around your inner circle this week, Virgo. While you are a bona fide “people person,” you’ve fallen into the insta-BFF (just add social lubricant!) trap with someone — and it’s all happening a little too fast for you. Before things get "awkweird," get some distance. Don’t cut your new friend off, but make space in your schedule for other people, especially the ones who have earned your loyalty. You need trusted confidantes who won’t interrupt your venting with “back to me” stories or try to life-coach you when you’re being less than sunny about a particularly annoying situation. You’ll lift yourself out of a funk naturally once you’ve gotten your troubles off your chest.

Fairy-tale romance is headed your way midweek when the bright sun meets fantasy-fueled Neptune in your relationship house. You’ll swoon, for sure, but run the background checks. Neptune is the planet of illusions, while the sun is like a giant spotlight. Your love interest may have a past or a secret to reveal — one that might give you pause. If you’ve been hiding something, this is the week to play True Confessions.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
It’s tough, but true: From friendships to love affairs, relationships really DO take work. At some point, the people you hoisted up onto the pedestal will reveal their human nature and come crashing back down to Earth. That doesn’t have to be grounds for a breakup, though. Mars and Venus are flowing through your commitment zone all week, reminding you that it’s okay to love people for better AND for worse. Wise, mature Saturn enters the frame, too, sounding the call for clearer communication. Pouting, pulling a disappearing act, or dropping subtle hints are all no-go’s. This is the week to negotiate clearly, spelling out your desires and hearing out your other half’s.

With the sun and Neptune aligned in your health sector, it’s time to detox and hydrate. Give your belly a break from harsh substances and inflammation-producing foods (wheat, dairy, sugar), and restore by popping a probiotic. Keep your water bottle and teapot filled, and throw in a few slices of alkalizing lemon or cucumber for an extra boost. Stress could be tying your stomach in knots. If you’ve taken on too much at work, pause to get organized and consider pairing up on a project instead of flying solo.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Be an unapologetic control freak this week, Scorpio. Admit it: You like things “just so,” and that includes your relationships. With Mars and Venus in your, uh, particular, sixth house, you might need to straighten a few people out. If they’re pushing your buttons or crossing your lines, speak up — BEFORE you need to break out that notorious stinger of yours. The Mars-Venus merger gives you a great work ethic. You can make major strides on a creative project. Your charm is off-the-charts, too: Schedule a power lunch, and seal that deal.

Midweek, you could slip into a romantic haze when the sun and Neptune sync up in your passionate fifth house. Blinded by love? Yeah, you could fall squarely into that trap, but Neptune is the master of illusion. Before you start picking out rings or baby names, make sure you get to know the person’s good, bad, and ugly, because that’s all a part of the “happily ever after” equation. In a relationship? Infuse your bond with more playtime and cultural exploration. Pause the Netflix queue, and pick up a pair of tickets to a show instead.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
The style-stalkers are hot on your heels this week, but they just can’t keep up. It’s time to make a STATEMENT, Sagittarius — but that doesn’t mean going #nofilter on the world. Savvy, sophisticated Saturn is in your sign until December 2017, and this week it’s working beautifully with Mars and Venus, both parked in your fifth house of fame and romance. A little editing goes a long way, and that applies to your wardrobe choices AND your relationships. Oh, and your Instagram feed, too. Give people just enough to captivate their interest. Then, hang back a bit and leave them wanting more.

A home-decor breakthrough may strike midweek, when the sun and Neptune align in your domestic fourth house. Think: boho chic with a sacred edge. A couple of colorful, embroidered throw pillows and a hunk of amethyst can bring a room to life. Put up boundaries with a family member or close friend who has grown a little too accustomed to leaning on you.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
This week, let your heart have an equal vote to your head. Your feelings may not be facts, but they are certainly cues worth tuning in to. When making an important decision, it’s always wise to ensure that it checks out on paper. But, does it also light you up? If you’re not totally psyched about an upcoming plan or relationship, make some tweaks. No need to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Changing a few details of the arrangement can bring major relief — especially if you’ve fallen into your sign’s habit of taking on too much responsibility.

On Wednesday, give your social circle a once-over. Is someone in the ranks zapping too much of your time? Falling into the BFF groove can also be limiting. Clear some space in your calendar for other friends — the ones who might be feeling a little neglected. A creative collaboration could emerge as a result. Join forces with someone new!
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
If you see something, say something. Your witty observations are worthy of a mic drop, but how about peppering in some compliments along with the wisecracks? Remarking publicly on people’s great ideas and killer styles is the ultimate “crew glue.” After all, we humans gravitate toward people who not only accept us, but get who we are as individuals. That’s where you, oh people-loving Aquarius, shine. Give your pals props on social media and in person, and then plan a hangout to bring them all together before the week is through. You could wind up playing matchmaker for a few of the incredible friends in your contact database.

Midweek, a money misunderstanding could ruffle your feathers. You THOUGHT you paid that bill or saved up enough for the rent check, but your bank account may tell a different story. Deep breaths: You can work out a payment plan, and this doesn’t have to spell disaster. You could also drum up some extra cash with your creative talents or by supporting an entrepreneurial friend with a weekend shift.