All The Best Beauty Looks At The 2015 Grammy Awards

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images.
The Grammys are usually an evening of outlandish fashion and beauty choices, but this year’s red carpet erred on the side of moderation. Or, about as much moderation as one can get when Hollywood’s most eccentric guests are in attendance. There were the usual exaggerated contouring, bronzer, and eyeliner flicks — typical red carpet fare, if you ask us. But, we also saw dark lips, smoky eyes, out-there hair colors, and gargantuan braids to mix things up a bit. Not to mention some seriously understated beauty looks from many musical ladies who are usually known for their over-the-top hair and makeup.

Click through to see our top picks of the night, and then let us know your favorites in the comments.
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Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images.
Bey rocked #WokeUpLikeThis makeup with brand-new, super-long mermaid hair, proving, once again, that she is truly the Queen.
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Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images.
Bonnie McKee
Cool-girl roots, major lashes, and plum lips: Bonnie McKee got just the right amount of edge on the red carpet without going overboard.
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Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images.
Iggy Azalea
Pinterest, eat your heart out: Iggy just took the crown braid to truly epic proportions.
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Photo: Jeff Vespa/Getty Images.
Nicki Minaj
This side-swept, long hair and the continuation of Nicki’s penchant for minimal makeup (great contour, great liner) was unexpected, but we've got to say, we love Nicki like this.
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Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images.
Katy Perry
We were all stunned by Katy’s lavender hair color on the red carpet. (Update: It was a wig. She fooled us all.) But, her makeup look was also gorgeous. For her full, beautiful lashes, Katy’s makeup artist Jake Bailey swept on CoverGirl Full Lash Bloom.
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Photo: Steve Granitz/Getty Images.
Jessie J
Jessie J fully slayed with her entire look. We couldn’t pick a favorite part of it, from her razor-sharp bob to her oxblood lipstick and brow-grazing lashes. It was definitely one of the standouts of the night.
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Photo: Steve Granitz/Getty Images.
Taylor Swift
First of all, Taylor Swift’s legs could earn their own slide in this slideshow, because they were glowing and bronze beyond words. But, above the waist, she also stunned by keeping her hair simple and concentrating on a smoked, navy shadow that was brushed on in V-shapes on the outer corners of her eyes.
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Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images.
Ariana Grande
We feel as though Ariana may have finally gotten the memo about her super-high pony being a little…retro. Maybe that’s why she decided to switch it up elsewhere — throwing in a choker and a graphic cat-eye for throwback '90s gorgeousness. Hey, she basically missed it the first time it came around — might as well try it now, right?
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Photo: Jeff Vespa/Getty Images.
Madge loves some theatrics when it comes to her red carpet beauty looks. The iconic singer paired a dramatic swipe of black eyeliner with loads of glitter on her lids. For her hair, she opted for a half-finished style. Her mane was twirled into pin-curls, but she left in the bobby pins, which made for an interesting twist on a vintage 'do.
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Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images.
This rising star is very much a fan of a good hair moment — she’s no stranger to wigs, extensions, and the like, which makes her a constant attention-grabber on the carpet. This time, she let a pixie steal the show, pairing it with super-full, elongated brows and mauve, glossy lips. It was both '90s-supermodel and sophisticated — in all the right ways.
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Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images.
Gwen Stefani
Gwen bid her typical red lips adieu for the Grammys, and showed us how she does natural makeup. Amped-up brows and neutral, bronzy lips pulled the look together, proving that Gwen doesn’t just rest on her laurels — or her red lipstick.
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Photo: VALERIE MACON/Getty Images.
Kim Kardashian
Mrs. Kardashian West showed off her brand-spankin'-new lob swept over one eye with classic nude lips, major contour, and a bronze, smoky situation.
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Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images.
Kelly Osbourne
Think an undercut looks seriously one-dimensional? Allow Kelly Osbourne to blow that theory out of the water. With her mane teased to perfection, she pinned it back into a sort-of ponytail, exposing her shaved layer.
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Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images.
Katharine McPhee
We once thought wet look couldn't be done convincingly IRL. Then, Katharine McPhee showed up and shut us down.
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Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images.
Lady Gaga
Gaga coordinated with her date Tony Bennett by rocking silvery-blonde hair. The smoky hue only helped add to all the chic.
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Photo: Jeff Vespa/Getty Images.
Jennifer Hudson
Purple lipstick, a beautifully voluminous pixie-pomp, and a major cat-eye — Jennifer Hudson gets it right every single time.
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