Creator Of Transparent Apologized For Transphobic Joke On Facebook

Photo: via Jill Soloway.
Jill Soloway has come under fire for a transphobic meme she uploaded on her Facebook page. 

Earlier this week, the creator of the award-winning Amazon series Transparent shared a version of the show's marketing campaign that replaced original cast photos with the Kardashian-Jenner family. "Transdashian" was printed where Transparent was supposed to be. Soloway wrote "I couldn't not," beneath the image. She added: "Someone sent it to me. Tell me it's wrong and I'll take it down." 

The post has since been deleted. 

Soloway was inspired to create the series, about a trans woman named Maura and her three adult children, because of personal experiences. The show has helped shed light on the trans* community, so it's surprising Soloway would share a transphobic image. Making light of any individual's identity — no matter if they're a public figure — goes against the show's ethos. Bruce Jenner has yet to make any statement regarding the rumors surrounding his changing appearance. 

Soloway has since issued a public apology for her misstep.

Yes, the post was a mistake, but Soloway is human, and she deserves to have her apology accepted. Her positive contributions to the trans* community far outweigh this slip in judgment. She handled this misstep elegantly and, in doing so, called attention to how ridiculous the Bruce Jenner speculation has indeed become. (Slate)