Why Are People Freaking Out About This Willow Smith Pic?

Willow Smith, no stranger to age-based concern trolling, is finding herself at the center of another controversy. It's due to the photo you see here, which depicts the 14 year-old wearing a vintage Jean Paul Gaultier T-shirt. That features naked breasts. Cue the pearl-clutching and think-piecing!
Smith posted the photo to her Instagram yesterday, but has since deleted it, no doubt due to said pearl-clutchy comments. The pic lives on V Files' Instagram (the tee in question was a part of its Gabriel Held vintage collection) and the popular @willowsmithfan account.

Media outlets are speculating that the pic is meant as a #FreeTheNipple statement, but we're going to go ahead and say that the only statement being made here is, "Hi, I'm 14, and I like to do provocative shit." Sure, it's a little naughty, but that's the point.

And, let's not forget that Smith is drawing on a rich tradition of subversive fashion here. Case in point: Vivienne Westwood's infamous┬átrompe l'oeil┬á┬áT-shirt from the '70s ÔÇö most notably worn by Siouxsie Sioux when she was young and snotty. You can bet when this author saw that T-shirt at age 15, she┬áwanted one more than most other things in the world.

So, stroll on, Willow. We're not mad about this look. We just hope Jada and Will feel the same way.