Your MetroCard Just Got More Expensive

Illustrated by Sandy Ley.
Fare hike. Two words no New Yorker wants to hear. But, starting March 22, your morning commute will officially be a little more pricey. On Thursday, the MTA board unanimously approved a subway-fare hike, increasing most prices by 10%. The changes — which were reportedly proposed in an effort to improve the state of the city's transportation system — will include a higher base fare (raised from $2.50 to $2.75), thereby affecting all the different types of MetroCards; single-ride tickets will go from $2.75 to $3.00, a weekly pass will go from $30 to $31, and a monthly will now be $116.50 (a $4.50 increase from the current $112). And, while the bonus for purchasing multiple rides on a MetroCard will nearly double (from 5% to 11%), it's certainly difficult to accept that getting where you need to go will now cost even more. Then again, it's still cheaper than Uber. (NBC New York)