How Not To Be A Jerk When You Screw Up On Twitter

At exactly 10:51 p.m. on January 15, Mashable sent out a tweet teasing an article about a pygmy goat and its mother's cuddling habits. A photo was attached that, despite what Mashable had written, looked nothing like a pygmy goat (seen here).
Now, there are two ways Mashable could have handled this tiny flub: delete it and risk one of its trolling readers to expose its bungle with a screenshot or look inward. Thankfully, Mashable took the high road and opted for the latter because hey, humans are prone to a little thing science calls human error while running a brand's social account. There is bound to be a mistake here and there. Why not poke a little fun?
And fun Mashable poked. It launched a mini-investigative report into the obviously pressing matter involving the cuddling pygmy goats today, January 16. In the end, Mashable revealed that the animal in question was, in fact, a hippo in the photo and that humans are not flawless beings. Alright, well, perhaps Beyoncé is, but we all don't wake up like that.