11 Trends Kate Moss Made You Want So Bad

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Today is Kate Moss' 41st birthday. And, while the last great supermodel (sorry, Gisele) is known for many things — her iconic face, her Sphinx-like silence punctuated by controversial quotes, the partying that's made her a tabloid dream — our very favorite Kate is the one that's been a genuine style icon for the past 25 years.
Kate Moss is, quite simply, amazing at wearing clothes, and what she wears almost inevitably becomes a part of our wardrobes. One paparazzi photo of Kate in a yellow chiffon dress was enough to start a cottage industry of knockoffs. A pic of her in muddy wellington boots singlehandedly revived a heritage brand.
And, while we may now consider things like ballet flats and skinny jeans as everyday staples, these items' places in our wardrobes can be traced back to — you guessed it — La Moss, and how damn well she wore them.
So today, we pay tribute to the woman who invented model-off-duty style. Here's to many more years of inspiration.
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The Slip Dress
Yours probably wasn't see-through, or accessorized with Naomi Campbell, but if you lived through the '90s, you definitely owned a wispy, floor-length, spaghetti-strap slip dress. Maybe you wished yours was made by Calvin Klein or Narciso Rodriguez, but you bought it with baby-sitting money at Merry-Go-Round.
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That Yellow Dress
When Moss wore this dress at an AnOther magazine party in New York in 2003, it touched off a literal media frenzy. Everyone wanted to know where they could get it, but they couldn't because it was vintage, of course. Luckily, Moss threw us all a bone by replicating it a few years later for Topshop.
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Photo: Richard Young/REX USA.
High-Waisted Flares
Worn to a 2007 Topshop fashion show, Moss' light-wash, high-waisted flares were a welcome change from the skinnies that had dominated our wardrobes, tortured our calves, and given us muffin tops for the preceding few years. They were the perfect post-boho jean — and it wasn't long before they were knocked off everywhere from Zara to H&M.
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Photo: Matt Baron/BEImages.
Gladiator Sandals
How many pairs of cheapie, faux-leather gladiators did we run through in the summers of '05 to '07? Their numbers were legion — but one thing's for sure, we were directly inspired by this photo of Kate wearing them with the world's chicest T-shirt in 2004. (Full disclosure: We owned that belt, too.)
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Photo: Geoff Wilkinson/REX USA.
Trainers With Maxi-Skirts
Before she was the most super of the models, Moss was your typical '90s cool girl, strolling the streets in old-school adidas and layers of black and denim. It was a look worth ripping off then and — if the fashion set's recent embrace of Gazelles is any indication — now, too.
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Photo: REX USA.
Between the ballet flats, the cut-off shorts, and the big sunnies, this 2005 look is a veritable Moss-trend bonanza. But, maybe the part that had the biggest impact on us was that smart little vest, a Moss staple for a few years, that we shamelessly stole and wore even in the intense heat of summer (not recommended). We may have also tried Moss' advanced vest-as-shirt look, but are happy to report no photographs are extant.
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The Thigh-High Boot:
There was a time when over-the-knee boots were considered a little... Pretty Woman for everyday wear. But, when Moss started stepping out in them in 2007, she made them look sleek, sexy, and '60s. Now, no fashion girl, from Chanel Iman to Olivia Palermo, would be without a pair.
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Photo: REX USA.
Hunter Boots
What was more fun than Kate Moss in her no-pants phase? Kate Moss in a glitter tunic, studded belt, shield shades, and wellies. In 2005, the Hunter brand wasn't terribly well known outside of English country gentlemen and women types — but Moss made them look rock 'n' roll as hell when she wore them to Glastonbury, England's muddiest music festival. And, the whole world decided they wanted a pair — so much so that the following year was Hunter's most successful one ever.
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Gray Skinny Jeans
Kate had been wearing skinnies since 2002 — before they were called skinnies, and certainly before they were available for $10 at every mall in America. Possibly her most iconic pair was this dusty gray version she wore in 2006 — and which you bought at your local Old Navy in 2007.
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Photo: Stuart Atkins/REX USA.
Ugg Boots
For better or for worse, Kate Moss was one of the first celebs spotted in Uggs — shown here in 2003 with her then-infant daughter Lila. For many people, that's a strike against Ms. Moss, but we're going to defend her here: This was a good two years before Uggs became ubiquitous on the feet of every Juicy-tracksuited starlet. At this time, they were still most strongly associated with Australian surf culture — think messy-haired, tanned cool girls in bikinis and their beat-up sheepskin boots. It may be hard to believe, but these were actually a countercultural fashion choice at the time. And, for our money, Moss wore 'em better than the Haylie Duffs of the world ever did.
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Photo: REX USA.
The Leopard-Print Scarf
Ever the rock goddess, Kate's made us covet plenty of leopard-print items in her time, like her swing coat and ankle boots. This scarf was the most knocked-off of the bunch and thus the most easily replicable. This writer bought not one, but two red-leopard scarves at Forever 21 and stitched them together, so they'd be as big as Kate's.