Your Horoscope For This Week — Jan 18 2015

Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
This week’s starmap smells like team spirit — but there could also be some drama coming. On Tuesday, the sun begins its annual sojourn through collaborative, community-oriented Aquarius. Banding together to make a difference in the world? That’s what Aquarius energy is all about! Hey, both Oprah and Bob “One Love” Marley were born under this sign. We’ll feel this solar power until February 18, an excellent time for collective efforts with savvy, future-thinking people. There is also a new moon in Aquarius on Tuesday, which will help us be more inclusive and open-minded when picking members of our teams.
There’s just one problem. On Wednesday, messenger Mercury turns retrograde — also in Aquarius — until February 12, crossing wires and causing some communication breakdowns. Rallying the troops could feel like herding cats and in-fighting could break out. Not fun at all. Aquarius governs technology and Mercury retros are notorious for causing meltdowns with gadgets and digital devices — hello, double whammy. Back up all important data, lock your phone in the glove compartment while you’re driving, and save the sexy Snapchats for Valentine's Day, when you won’t run the risk of sending them to your boss instead of your partner (gulp).
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Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
Happy New Year to you! 2015 has been off to a sluggish — not to mention complicated — start for many Water Bearers. But, this Tuesday, life starts trending in your favor again. First, the sun zips into Aquarius for a month, officially beginning your birthday season. Turn to a clean page in your autobiography, Aquarius, because this truly is the week to start writing a fresh chapter. What made you cry last week could actually bring a few WTH laughs now. You’re SO ready to let bygones be bygones and move on.

But, wait, there’s more! There will also be a new moon in Aquarius on Tuesday, the first of two consecutive new moons to fall in your sign (the sequel will be on February 18). Your independent spirit is activated, so don’t wait for others to green-light your projects and plans. While few things can hold you back now, make sure to follow proper procedures as you develop your dreams and schemes.

On Wednesday, signal-scrambling Mercury turns retrograde in Aquarius until February 12. Dot every i and cross every t, so your launch to superstardom is a successful mission. With Mercury in reverse, know that people will not understand half of what you’re talking about until the 12th. (As the zodiac’s mad scientist, you are already kind of used to this happening.) Protect your sacred ideas from the critics and naysayers until then. Ferret away behind the scenes, and plan your big reveal for the second Aquarius moon on February 18.
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Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
You’re in the fog this week, Pisces, and there’s only one thing you can do — surrender! On Monday, your ruling planet Neptune twerks awkwardly with aggro Mars, making you feel tired and wired at once. You want to plow ahead at top speed, but it feels like you’re trudging along in lead boots.

On Tuesday, the Sun decamps to Aquarius and your dreamy, sleepy 12th house for an entire month. The message is clear, Pisces: You. Must. Slow. Down. This doesn’t mean you have to bring life to a screeching halt. Quite the contrary: Instead, you’ll "work smarter, not harder" for the next four weeks. Taking regular breaks to do yoga, meditate, get a pedicure, or even nap can actually fuel your productivity. As the zodiac’s most imaginative sign, you are as much a dreamer as you are a doer. Going through the motions, or trying to push yourself into action when you’re uninspired, only amounts to time wasted. When you relax your mind, you can open the door for the muse.

Dive into a decluttering mission, too — especially after Wednesday, when Mercury turns retrograde in your 12th house of completions until February 12. Sort through those stacks of old papers, earmark clothes to donate to charity, and do your own version of an Instagram rapture. When it comes to friends and followers, you need quality over quantity. On that note, Mercury’s backspin could summon a toxic friend from the ashes. You can accept her apology, but unless she’s really made a change, keep her far from the nucleus of your social circle.
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Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
Like fellow Ram Kristen Stewart, playing by other people’s rules is not in the cards for you this week — or ever, if we’re being honest. Unleash that rebel yell, Aries! This Tuesday, the sun swings by Aquarius for a month, activating your originality and your team spirit.

While you’ll march to your own beat, you won’t be dancing alone. This solar energy could lead you to your true tribe — a flashmob of quirky, unique individuals who want to leave a mark on the world. A community or activist group could call your name. Get involved, or at least give it a trial run. You might even form your own club or collective — especially if nothing appeals to your interests and ideals close to home. If you don’t meet your kindred spirits IRL, you could meet them online. Double-tap, and ye shall find.

Virtual ventures are also blessed by the sun/new moon duo. Take your ideas seriously, because this week you could dream up an app, online business, or invention that puts money in the bank in 2015. But, alas, there is a catch: On Wednesday, Mercury retreats into a signal-scrambling retrograde, throwing some technical difficulties into the works. While it’s fine to research, develop, and beta-test your brilliant ideas, you’d be wise to wait until after February 12 (when Mercury corrects its course) to launch them into orbit.
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Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
Who wants to be a millionaire? (Or, hey, at least a little more cash-positive.) Your career forecast is brightened big-time on Tuesday, as the sun heads into Aquarius and your ambitious 10th house until February 18. Double bonus: There will be an auspicious new moon that same day, ushering in new opportunities to make your mark. The key to your ascent lies in a willingness to take the lead. As a somewhat risk-averse sign, you can be a tentative trailblazer. Time to venture out of the safety zone and make a move, approval ratings be damned.

That said, don’t ignore every rule of the game. Mercury turns retrograde from Wednesday until February 12, which could bring some miscommunications into your career. Before you go into a meeting or hit the "send" button on a “finished” assignment, make sure you’ve done thorough research and review. This is not the time to wing it. You’d be wiser to postpone a pitch than to fly by the seat of your J Brands. Also, pay attention to the existing pyramid of power before you go in for the kill. Although it may seem logical to go straight to the top, allying yourself with the second-in-command could be a more strategic move.

Mercury’s backspin could reunite you with an important guy from your past — a pleasant surprise! Your relationships with men could be both stimulating and strained for the coming three weeks. Don’t sweep conflicts under the rug. Working through issues will bring you closer, as long as you pick the right time to discuss them.
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Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
And, the Independent Spirit Award goes to…you, Gemini! This week, liberation floods your forecast. You are so ready to shake it off and leave any heavy, obligatory energy from early January behind you. It begins on Tuesday, when sun blazes into Aquarius and your worldly, optimistic ninth house until February 18. If you’ve been hanging on to hope with little reward, you’ll drop that MO like a bad habit. Why limit yourself to a depressing fate, when the world is so full of options? Your wide-angle lens on life is restored, and the view is filled with promise and possibilities. Put your feelers out there, whether you’re casting for a new love interest or career leads. With the amazing network of people you know, it won’t be long before someone hooks you up.

Tuesday’s new moon in Aquarius could usher in exciting news from afar. Check that passport, and pull your luggage out of storage. You could be traveling internationally — or at least a significant distance from home — before the winter is through. Long-distance opportunities percolate with promise. So, you live in NYC and your heart lies in London? Don’t be so quick to write it off as unworkable. This could be the romantic adventure of a lifetime. If nothing else, it will be fodder for your future memoirs.

There’s only one rain cloud dimming the week’s forecast. On Wednesday, Mercury turns retrograde for three weeks, insisting that you take calculated risks instead of completely capricious ones. Guard your grill — or rather, what comes out of it. This Mercury retrograde could make you mouthy to a detrimental degree. Think of the impact your words will have before you unleash a tirade. Even if you’re telling the truth, you don’t want to take people down in the process.
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Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
Privacy, please! The sun slips into Aquarius and your cosmic chamber of secrets from Tuesday until February 18. You’ll crave more time tucked away in your shell now, as well as intimate one-on-ones with the people you love most. But, don’t pull a total disappearing act, Cancer. This is also the “sexytime” of your annual zodiac cycle. The question is: Who will be lucky enough to fall under your spell? The hopeful could be a newbie or a blast from the past.

On Tuesday, a new moon in Aquarius sets your sights on fresh prospects. Chemistry begins to bubble with an untested contender — ooh la la. If you’ve been swearing off love, this new moon will reignite your mojo. Hibernating alone is no way to spend your winter. On Wednesday, however, Mercury turns retrograde for three weeks, and a burning obsession for an old flame could consume you. Think very carefully before making a connection to your past loves. Bad timing caused the breakup? Okay, send a text. But, if this will incite anger, jealousy, pain, and drama, you do not want to place a single bet on the relationship working out “this time around.” (Not while signal-scrambling Mercury retrograde is in the frame!)

If you’re with somebody, a talk about exclusivity is forthcoming. That added reassurance is something your sensitive sign needs — no apologies! Taking the relationship to the next level is incredibly likely, but if you can’t get on the same page about your lifestyles and ambitions, you could just as easily decide to part ways and find a better fit. Our advice? Talk through every option, but don’t make any major decisions until Mercury turns direct on February 12.
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You are never, ever, ever getting back together…uh, right, Leo? This week could bring some unexpected developments on the love front. Consider yourself notified: Mercury will turn retrograde in your relationship house from Wednesday until February 12, making it a little too easy to pardon the players from your past. Before amnesia (or a dreaded weekend drunk-dial) takes hold, purge your phone log of all traces of that number. You could do without the temptation or the trouble.

Fortunately, the week starts off on a sultry note, casting your attention to more promising prospects. First, Monday’s Mars-Neptune meetup in your sex zone has Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele written all over it. It takes a strong soul to make you submit, but you could meet your match early this week. #ReadyTheRedRoom on Tuesday, as the sun drifts into Aquarius and your relationship house for a month — carried in on the wings of a lovestruck new moon. This could mark a major moment for coupled Leos: You could go next-level with your commitment. Start hunting around for your future love nest or getting sized for a ring on that finger. Just wait until Mercury turns direct on February 12 to sign the lease or pick the rock.

If ill-fated timing turned your love life into a Shakespearean tragedy, but you can’t stop thinking about “the one that got away,” Mercury retrograde could work in your favor. Check the status of your Romeo or Juliet. That balcony might just be free and clear for a reunion dance.
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Newsflash, Virgo: The holidays ended, like, three weeks ago. But, with the sun in your festive fifth house since December 21, you’ve been in “please don’t stop the music!” mode. Alas, all good things must come to a pause. As the sun heads into Aquarius and your sixth house of efficiency from Tuesday until February 19, it’s time to bring some order back to your court.

Truthfully, you’ll be glad to get grounded. Your sign doesn’t operate so well in chaos mode. With Mercury turning retrograde from Wednesday until February 12, you can do a deep dive into that clutter and liberate yourself from the excess once and for all. But, like they do on Hoarders, make a “maybe” pile for yourself. You could regret selling your great-grandmother’s wedding china, even if you never think you’ll use it. At least, wait until Mercury turns direct on February 12 to list it on eBay.

This planetary energy could spur you into healthy-living mode, too. Invest in a couple Groupons, so you can try out the yoga studios in your area without having to commit to a one-year membership right away. Word about a new position or job offer could come with Tuesday’s new moon. As exciting as this may seem, carefully consider the responsibilities as well as the others on the team. If the gig cuts too far into your free time or forces you to work with people you can’t stand, the paycheck may come at too high a price.
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Oh, the pressure! On Monday, your inner perfectionist could derail progress. While you don’t want to be associated with mediocrity (as if!), you could miss an important release date if you obsess endlessly. Take the plunge, and put your well-rehearsed talents on display. With the sun blazing into your fifth house of fame, romance, and unbridled self-expression from Tuesday until February 18, your fans will far outnumber the haters.

Valentine’s Day is off to an early start for your sign, too. Keep an open heart. Tuesday’s new moon could usher in a hot prospect who was totally off your radar. If you’re in a relationship, an exciting new chapter in your love story begins this week. Drop the grudge and move on! There’s just one potential glitch. On Wednesday, Mercury will turn retrograde in the same part of your chart (the fifth house) until February 12. The road to "happily ever after" could take a few twists and turns. Clear communication is essential to making it through these barricades. Everyone has a past, Libra, and you could discover some disconcerting data about the object of your affections. Remember: People can change, as long as they are willing to put in the work.

While your glamour card is fully reinstated, go easy on the makeover magic now. Play with temporary updates, like your wardrobe and makeup, but wait until mid-February to chop a pixie or get that new wrist tattoo.
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Click the heels of those ruby slippers three times, Scorpio, and repeat after us: "There’s no place like home." The sun decamps to Aquarius and your domestic fourth house from Tuesday until February 18, putting you in hardcore nester mode. Shoo, Fashion Police! If you want to rock the Uggs and two-person Snuggie, it’s well within your right. Make a date with your overflowing Netflix queue and try your hand at some comfort-food recipes.

If you’re in the market for a move, Tuesday could be your lucky day. The sun is ushered in by a new moon in Aquarius, which could bring a dream listing. But, inspect carefully before you sign! The very next day — Wednesday — Mercury will throw a wrench in the works, turning retrograde until February 12. What feels like a cute, up-and-coming neighborhood by day should not creep you out after sunset. Test the waters: Would you feel as comfortable going out for an evening drink as you would meeting friends for brunch? You might just start the exploration process and circle February 18 (the date of a lucky second new moon in Aquarius) for really making housing decisions.

All this fourth-house energy makes you crave the company of your best girlfriends, and Mercury retrograde is a stellar time for a reunion. Once you’ve thoroughly enjoyed some downtime, you may be inspired to host a dinner party that brings together your BFFs of present and past, or to invite old friends for a weekend hang and slumber party.
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Cabin fever alert! A moody Monday gives way to a testy Tuesday, until you realize where the problem lies — you are so over winter hibernation. Trade the Snuggie for a cape coat and a pair of butterfly wings. Your social side returns with a vengeance this Tuesday, as the sun soars into Aquarius and your social third house for a month. There will also be a new moon in Aquarius that very same day, fueling your desire for a fresh scene. Stay in search mode while you’re rolling through the usual places.

Action heats up close to home between now and February 18. You could become a bit of a local celebrity, in fact. Why not use your sign’s “edu-tainer” skills to get a regular, edifying event going at a neighborhood venue? Take it back to the analog days with a salon-style discussion group (paired with a documentary film, perhaps) or an open-mic poetry night.

Mercury turns retrograde in your friendship house from Wednesday until February 12, bringing a few blasts from the past. If you get the urge to google what’s-her-name, follow your intuition. There could be surprising synergies still bubbling between you. But, think really carefully before you tweet, text, or trumpet any controversial statements. Your misguided missives could go viral with Mercury in reverse — oh, the Sony-sized embarrassment! #avoid
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Warning: passive-aggressive mindf**ks ahead.

This Monday, elusive Neptune meets combustible Mars in your communication house, creating some seriously inconsistent vibes. If people keep canceling plans last-minute or “forgetting” their promises, read between the lines. Why are they giving you the runaround? Is it because they're total jerks, or because they're too afraid to say no to you? Alas, it may be the latter, Capricorn. You hold a high bar for your entourage, and no one likes to disappoint you. But, the fear of letting you down may cause friends to avoid you. Make it easier for people to say no to you, and you’ll get a lot more genuine yeses.

Your money mojo returns on Tuesday, as the sun and a new moon arrive in Aquarius and your second house of finances. Word about a new job offer could come in, or you could finally get the motivation to tackle a challenging assignment. There’s just one hitch: On Wednesday, Mercury turns retrograde in the same part of your chart for three weeks. As you map out your future, look to your past. An old client or colleague could hold the keys to a profitable opportunity. Keep a tight reign over your spending, though. An austerity plan may be necessary to get your bank account back up to snuff.