7 Go-To Trends, Upgraded For 2015

You came back from the holidays with a recharged outlook on everything from life in general to how you should store your makeup. Yep, you're in the throes of the annual ritual of tossing old stuff to make room for new stuff — both literal and figurative. Slow down and harness all that gumption to focus on something fun: your clothes.
Your favorite 2014 styles served you well, but the novelty might be starting to fade. If that's the case, we’re here to provide the 2015 versions that have all the same perks, but with the added bonus of being new, too. Read this before making any rash decisions about what to sacrifice to storage — your 2015 one-for-one upgrades are right here.
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Photo: Courtesy of Badgley Mischka.
2014 — The Peplum Dress
The peplum has been a rising trend for a couple years but reached a fever pitch in 2014. The added flounce gave a more exaggerated shape, and let you get away with shorter lengths while still feeling like pure class. Plus, it was magic how that extra bit of fabric nixed any anxiety you might've had about sucking in all night.
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2015 — The Modern Babydoll
Unlike the babydolls you remember from the mid-‘00s, the 2015 version isn’t about an empire waist. In fact, there’s no waist at all, but the dress flares out dramatically in a trapeze shape: from a slim, sleek shoulder to a wide, A-line skirt.

Similar Attributes: This is a dress meant to show off your legs, so go as short as you dare. Plus, all that fabric makes sucking in a total non-issue.

Added Benefits: It goes from day to night with a switch of your shoes.
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Photo: Courtesy of Sea.
2014 — The Structured Crop Top
Hitting you right at the narrowest part of your waist and shaped like a perfect square, the structured crop top was a go-to with everything from slouchy pants to flirty skirts.
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2015 — The Slouchy, Pre-Knotted Top
It’s still all about oversized tops, but there’s a little softness to the newer styles. With all the elegance of a goddess dress and all the ease of a T-shirt, this is one of few baggy looks that still cut a bodacious figure.

Similar Attributes: Like the crop top, this focuses attention on your waist. Don’t worry about tucking it in, either; these look best hanging over your waistline.

Added Benefits: With knots, twists, ties, or bows, these manage to lend a more pronounced hourglass shape.
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Photo: Courtesy of rag & bone.
2014 — The Boyfriend Jean
Chances are, if you weren’t wearing a skinny jean in 2014, you were wearing a boyfriend style. Cropped just above your ankle (or rolled up to that point), these came with tasteful rips, tears, and distressing, and always in a perfectly sandblasted wash.
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2015 — The Highwater Jean
The biggest daredevil denim trend of this season takes all the quirks of the boyfriend and turns the dial up to 11. With a more advanced crop, a higher rise, and a baggier silhouette, these jeans aren’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but we think they're the most exciting thing to happen to pants since pockets.

Similar Attributes: Like you learned with your trusty boyfriend pair, a baggier pant cut in the right way can actually make you appear longer and leaner. Cropped at the skinniest part of your leg and paired with dainty shoes, these are especially flattering.

Added Benefits: Since they’re more extreme, these will make you look like you were styled by Grace Coddington, even in your most plain-Jane tops.
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Photo: Courtesy of Jonathan Saunders.
2014 — Pop-Art Prints
From bold tropical prints to duo-tone comic graphics, it was all about the bigger-than-life, ‘70s punch in splashy, Warholian colors.
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2015 — Memphis Group Prints
A rising trend in the design and interiors world, the recurring, geometric, candy-colored shapes and prints popularized by the ‘80s design house The Memphis Group is becoming a fashion one as well. Look for small repeating patterns featuring squiggles, zig-zags, and hash marks in a palette of sunny yellow, Pepto pink, blood orange, teal, and lilac.

Similar Attributes: It’s all about color with this print, too — don’t be afraid of mixing or clashing.

Added Benefits: Unlike pop-art prints, these feel appropriate all year. They look great with sandals and a margarita, but just as cool under a shearling jacket with thick tights.
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Photo: Courtesy of A.L.C.
2014 — The Two-Piece Dress
Comprised of two pieces (a skirt and a cropped top, in most cases), the matching set dress was the lazy girl’s do-it-all item. Wear it together for a sleek, modern look, or as separates to get two additional outfits. It's no wonder this became an obvious choice when packing for any weekend trip.
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2015 — The Two-In-One Piece
Instead of separating, this type of garment actually combines two items into one easy-to-wear showpiece. Whether it’s a wrap dress over a pair of trousers, a sweater over the tails of a shirtdress, or an apron over leggings, these pieces take the guesswork out of tricky layering.

Similar Attributes: These items truly make a statement. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself in a lot of conversations about just what it is you're wearing.

Added Benefits: The trickiest part of layering is finding pieces that coordinate; this one's done that for you. True, you won’t be able to separate for mix-and-match styling, but you're sure to get plenty of mileage out of your one ultra-wearable piece.
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2014 — The White Trainer
From Stan Smiths to Keds to Converses, the low-pro white sneaker was the go-to shoe for a woman who actually walked to get around. Worn with everything from dresses and suits to shorts and yoga wear, this shoe was both sophisticated and practical (a rare and fortuitous combination).
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2015 — The Puffy Basketball Shoe
Your sneakerhead journey will take you to more exaggerated shapes, and the puffy basketball shoe, like Puma’s Trinomics or Nike Air Jordans, feel just as fresh now as they did back in high school.

Similar Attributes: Like the trainer, these look great in neutral colors like white, black, blush, or gray.

Added Benefits: With so many iconic brands, styles, and color ways, the fun is in picking out the right pair for you. If you develop an obsession (and a collection) along the way, it’s not like didn't warn you.
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Photo: Courtesy of Jeweliq
2014 — Dainty Gold Jewelry
Pin-thin, worn stacked on every knuckle or every digit, and layered on your neck and on your lobes, the all-gold-everything jewelry thing really had a huge moment in 2014.
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2015 — Sparkly Silver Jewelry
We’re predicting that the pendulum is going to swing back to silver this year. Instead of pearls and gold hues, we’re going to see a lot more glinting stones and platinum finishes.

Similar Attributes: These rings, necklaces, and earrings will still be delicate and worn in multiples, but the added glitz will require stacking obsessives to show a bit more restraint.

Added Benefits: For women with platinum engagement and wedding rings who’ve been trying to reconcile those pieces with all that gold, it’s your turn to have a little fun now.