Is Taylor Swift's Friend-Date Cape Borrowed From Lena Dunham?

Photo: NIGNY/Splash News.
There's one thing Taylor Swift has more of than A-list best friends, and that's excellent jackets. Yesterday, she showed off both of those things, wearing a fantastic camel cape with a striped fuchsia scarf and impressively tall platforms while palling around with Lena Dunham. The two have a long documented friendship that began when Swift recorded a song with Dunham's boyfriend, Jack Antonoff, and it hit a particularly high note last week when the actress gifted the now-25-year-old a cat locket for her birthday. She also tweeted well wishes, saying, "Happy 25th bday to my love @taylorswift13. I'm not the only girl you inspire but I am the only one you share nightgowns with."
Could it be possible that they share outerwear, too? Dunham's cotton-candy pea coat certainly looks like something that would be found in Swift's wardrobe. The singer's tan poncho is quite a departure from the colorful jackets she usually wears, but the accessories — furry ear muffs, a checked scarf, and Prada heels — are classic Swift. The question remains: How do we get Taylor Swift to share clothes with us? Until we uncover that answer, here's how you can get the look.

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