10 Films To Watch While Traveling

There's an art to choosing the right film to watch while you're traveling. Tearjerkers and hilarious, laugh-out-loud comedies are out — you don't want to be that weird person guffawing/weeping in 27B. Anything X-rated will either creep out the person next to you or have them peering over your shoulder the entire flight. With all due respect to Liam Neeson, he's also a no-go. The last thing you need to be thinking about is a hijacked plane, being kidnapped by human traffickers, or losing your memory the second you reach your destination.
What does that leave? A lot, surprisingly. In keeping with the travel theme, we've selected 10 films that will appeal to your wanderlust spirit (you're just popping to Des Moines to check in on Aunt Ruth, but still). Each of them will inspire you to hit the open road — and each can easily be rented and streamed right onto your tablet.
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Photo: Courtesy Open Road Films.
Chef, 2014

A nice little reminder that sometimes the best part of traveling is the food. Make like Jon Favreau's adorable kid and Instagram your way through your foodie road trip.
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Vicky Cristina Barcelona, 2008

Maybe your adventure will involve being seduced by a handsome stranger as a Spanish guitar softly trills in the background. Maybe it'll involve your wild best friend exploring polyamorous relationships. Hopefully it'll at least involve some good red wine.
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Eat Pray Love, 2010

It's the ultimate in navel-gazing travelogues, but that doesn't mean you can't pretend you aren't desperate to chow down on pasta, cleanse your soul, and fall in love all on one vacation.
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Frantic, 1988

A little reminder to always make sure you don't pick up someone else's luggage by mistake. This gritty Paris-set thriller features sultry Grace Jones tunes and an even sultrier Emmanuelle Seigner.
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Out of Africa, 1985

In which Meryl adopts a Danish accent, throws on some beige linens, and falls head over heels for Robert Redford. Can you blame her?
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North by Northwest, 1959

This Hitchcock thriller speeds through New York City, Chicago, and Rapid City, SD. Travel do: Bunking up on a passenger train. Travel don't: Hanging around corn fields with crop-dusting planes swooping in, hiking down Mount Rushmore.
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Stealing Beauty, 1996

Oh, to be a teenager looking for love in Tuscany. Time to book a glorious villa in the countryside, stat.
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Le Week-End, 2013

Think Before Midnight for retirees. Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan play a British couple celebrating their 30th anniversary in Paris, which involves lots of soul-searching, a dinner party with Jeff Goldblum, wrecked hotel rooms, and an utterly charming dance sequence.
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Under the Tuscan Sun, 2003

The best way to get over a breakup? Move to Italy, obviously. You can at least daydream about it while you check into your Florence hostel.
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Before Sunrise, 1995

This film provided the best encouragement towards working up the nerve to say hello to that cute fellow traveler. You'll always have Vienna. Or Denver. Whatever.
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