Emma Stone Ditched Her Skinny Jeans For Full-On Flares

The best part about Emma Stone starring in Cabaret — other than the fact that she is really spectacular — is that she gets photographed going into the Broadway theater every single day. And, every single day, she manages to wear an even cooler outfit than the one she was spotted in 24 hours prior. Yesterday, for instance, she was snapped (rag & bone shopping bag in hand) wearing a cozy turtleneck sweater, classic black coat, and frayed, flared jeans.
By now, we know Emma's denim of choice is The Skinny — by, you guessed it, rag & bone. She has the jeans in every color and has worn them everywhere from movie premieres to date nights. This week, however, she switched things up and opted for a belled hem that will make you want to scrap your slim-cuts. The extra-wide fit looks both totally casual and exceptionally on-trend, and it goes a long way in modernizing a chunky turtleneck — which is no easy task. For an outfit full of throwbacks, the result is impressively refreshing. It also happens to be very easy to copy.
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Photo: PacificCoastNews.
Stone was photographed in New York City wearing frayed flares, a gray turtleneck sweater, and camel-colored boots. The outfit manages to playfully wink at the early aughts and the '70s while being totally of-the-moment.
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Everything old is new again.
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