Honest Captions: Nicki Minaj's Instagram

To some, it's just another Monday. To Nicki Minaj and the fans who worship her, it's the greatest day of the year. The hip-hop empress celebrates her 32nd birthday today, which no doubt means that Drake is minutes away from popping out of some towering pink cake while anacondas slither nearby. Because that's totally what we'd have planned if we were Nicki Minaj.
Since we're not (sob!), we're just paying tribute to the Pinkprint singer by remixing some of her most memorable Instagram photos. What's is her status with Drake? How many times is she going to flash some T&A before the Insta-censors shut it down? And, how many therapy sessions is it going to take for us to recover from that image of her thong-wearing fan?
Some honest captions right this way...
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I don't do awkward photos.
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Drake totally just asked me for another lap dance.
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Eat your heart out, Al Bundy.
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My fans always go the extra mile.
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No, seriously. They do.
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Curse that Jay Z photobomb!
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Working with some evil scientists to make this a reality.
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Just making all y'all jealous.
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Don't hate me because it's true.
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You know who you are. #shade
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Iggy Azalea doesn't have her own M&Ms, right? Right?
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Caught you looking.
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Reigning staring contest champ.
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Synergy, baby. Synergy.
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