Rose Byrne Is Having A Major New York Moment

Photographed by Chris Colls, Courtesy of The EDIT.
Rose Byrne is just your average Manhattan girl. She uses CitiBikes and rides the subway, she peruses local art galleries, and she likes to hit restaurants in her East Village 'hood for dinner and drinks.
That is, of course, only when she's not on stage. The Emmy-nominated actress is starring alongside James Earl Jones in her Broadway debut in the comedy You Can't Take It With You at Midtown's Longacre Theater. Byrne, who covers the latest issue of Net-a-Porter's online glossy, The EDIT, dishes on taking her talents to the stage, being a New Yorker, and the continuous battle women face in Hollywood.
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Photographed by Chris Colls, Courtesy of The EDIT.
On life (and laughs) on Broadway:
"I tend to laugh easily… The other night (during rehearsals for You Can't Take It With You), one of the actors slipped, and I started laughing and I couldn't stop. I just had to leave the stage. There was a whole paragraph I was supposed to say, but I just nodded and left!"
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Photographed by Chris Colls, Courtesy of The EDIT.
On the difficulties women face in Hollywood:
"I hate to be a broken record about it, but if I compared my career to my male contemporaries, I feel like they get a lot more opportunities to play lead roles and have a potential story in something, whereas women's roles as the wife or the mother are limited. It's a harder thing for women to navigate."

On life in New York:
“I find the city so inspiring. It’s not for everybody, as it’s such an urban jungle, but I guess I’m a city mouse, not a country mouse.”

To see the full interview with Rose Byrne in The EDIT, head over to Net-a-Porter. Images by Chris Coll.