10 Times Girl Power Beat The Haters In Hollywood

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In the past two weeks, Lana Del Rey and Iggy Azalea were the subjects of particularly insensitive Eminem rhymes. But, the misogyny did not fall on deaf ears.
Azealia Banks, who has collaborated with Del Rey in the past, swiftly tweeted in her defense suggesting the "Blue Jeans" singer tell Eminem to "go back to his trailer park and eat his microwave hotpocket dinner." Iggy's response to the lyrics was even sharper, dismissing Slim Shady as nothing more than an old man.
In the age of social media, we have a 24/7 platform to air our grievances or stir up trouble. And, female celebrities are often seen as easy targets. Thankfully, for every jerk with a Twitter account spouting some misogynistic nonsense, there's an awesome woman ready to cry foul.
Ahead, we've rounded up 10 empowering, women-supporting-women tweets. Because, Eminem may never reform his lame ways, but these ladies have got your back.
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Lorde recently stood up for BFF Taylor Swift after Diplo tweeted about crowd-funding a new butt for Swift.
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Photo: via @SarahKSilverman.
Sarah Silverman shared her support for the butt photo seen around the world.
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Kim Kardashian received support from other celebrities this year following that other controversial magazine cover.
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Back in 2012, when Perez Hilton was reporting on Lindsay Lohan's drug use allegations, Demi Lovato swiftly jumped to Lohan's defense and got in a brief Twitter feud with Hilton.
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In the aftermath of Renée Zellweger's much-discussed red carpet appearance, Iggy Azalea came to the actress' defense as opinion pieces surrounding her looks popped up left and right.
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Evan Rachel Wood sounded off in Amanda Bynes' defense last year, when news of the former Nickelodeon star's troubles were gaining momentum.
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Lena Dunham defended Anne Hathaway last year, when there were a flurry of critical essays about the Oscar winner's likability, including "Why Do Women Hate Anne Hathaway (But Love Jennifer Lawrence)."
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Meanwhile, Dunham courted controversy this fall when a right-wing group accused the writer of child molestation after reading an except from her book Not That Kind Of Girl. Author Roxane Gay defended Dunham on Twitter and furthered her argument with an insightful Tumblr post.
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Photo: via @KellyOsbourne.
Kelly Osbourne rose to Miley Cyrus' defense after that twerk-fest of a VMA performance in 2013.
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Photo: via @EmWatson.
Emma Watson's tweet in defense of all the actors affected by the celebrity photo hack was poignant and straight to the point. She's got nothing but girl power pumpin' through her.
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