22 Fitness-y Gifts To Snap Up For Your Healthy Buddies

You book side-by-side bikes at SoulCycle and you've made a pact to cross the finish line of your 10K race together. You've seen each other at your sweatiest — and you push each other to go just a little bit harder. Your workout buddies aren't like your other friends or classmates; they are a source of motivation and inspiration. And, everyone needs someone to complain with when your instructor says it's time for Tabata burpees.
For the CrossFitting, barre-hopping, OM-chanting mile logger in your life, we found 22 of the best gifts any fitness buff will love. From the must-have gear to the epic protein-smoothie kitchen tool, your workout pal will be obsessed with these picks. And, we bet you'll find something to add to your wish list as well. Now, your present game will be as strong as your biceps.
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Until fitness trackers are all inherently stylish, accessorize away.
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A luxurious tank from the new, must-have Nike Pedro Lourenço collection.
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A removable seat cover for communal bikes — no Citi Bike membership included.
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Gym bags don't need to scream "sporty."
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For the yogi who wants to take her mantra with her on the go.
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The quintessential option for street-to-studio wear.
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The accessory every cold-weather runner needs.
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The perfect pair of sweats — whether your friend is heading out for a run or just watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix (again).
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The best kind of winter blues.
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Warning: protein smoothies ahead.
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The stylish yoga towel for the Bikram devotee.
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Just remember to include this foam-roller plan in the card.
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Touchscreen-compatible gloves for easy playlist access.
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A soft, jersey backpack for commuting from the office to the gym.
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This graphic, wide headband tames hair mid-workout.
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Athleisure style at its finest.
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For your friend who loves barre classes, these leggings have built-in leg warmers.
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Sneakers that glow in the dark — for your nighttime running buddy.
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The performance bottoms everyone loves (but may not splurge on themselves).
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The sport-inspired watch that serves as an arm-candy accessory alongside your fitness tracker.
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No more spilling that protein shake over your computer, thanks to this mug that just will not topple.
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Sometimes, even runners need the reminder.