Behold, The Weirdest Breakup Text You'll Ever Read

Obviously, you should take anything that surfaces on the web with a grain of salt. But, if the breakup text that's been making the Twitter rounds this week is actually true, it's pretty freaking hilarious. In a totally slut-shamey, slightly disturbed way, of course.
Editor Amy Nelmes shared a screenshot of the text in question, which her girlfriend reportedly received from a guy she'd been dating for seven weeks. Take it away, Amy.
Loverboy's parting shot? "I feel it would be difficult for me to change you into the woman I want and [I] don't need the hassle. I wish you all the best in your journey." Snap.
So, the good news is that there's a new eligible bachelor out there, ladies. He's a lover of animals, really not afraid of commitment, and has the sexual expectations of a Duggar. What are you waiting for?

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