Robert Pattinson's New Hairdo Needs To Be Seen To Be Believed

When Robert Pattinson first broke onto the scene as the strong-jawed Brit who breathed life into Edward Cullen, the world was fixated on that hair. How many people did he have to kill to get his locks so lustrous? What secret animal blood was he using to get that otherworldly sheen? Was it even real?!
That was over five years ago, though. We've since become desensitized to Pattinson's trademark bedhead. It's kind of like the Empire State Building: glorious, majestic, a wonder. But, do we ever look up anymore?
Well, it looks like RPattz wants us to look up again. And, what better way to get our attention than by debuting a new 'do that can only be described exclamation mark? A landing strip? A secret trap door to FKA twigs' beating heart? Whatever it is, we'd like to officially say: Welcome back to the zeitgeist.
Photo: Tibrina Hobson.

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