Tig Notaro Finishes Standup Set Topless

Tig Notaro has been rocking the comedy world for several years now, but last night's show at NYC's Town Hall was a whopper. During her NYC Comedy Festival show, "Boyish Girl Interrupted," the breast cancer survivor described a particularly awkward interaction with an airport security agent.
The female staffer felt quite certain that Notaro was in the wrong line for her pat-down.
"She didn't feel any boobs, and she didn't feel a bra. She looked up at my face, really drank it in. Apparently that didn't help. I knew all I had to do was talk. She'd hear my voice and she would know that I'm female. But I really didn't want to help her," she told the audience. After that anecdote, she unbuttoned her sports jacket which garnered a whoop from the crowd.
Notaro replied, "Did you not hear the story I was just telling?
“You know, it’s funny. I was going to do this show with my shirt off, anyway. I’m about one more 'whoo' away from going topless."
So, that's just what she did. Notaro, who had a double mastectomy and opted not to get reconstructive surgery, finished the rest of her set sans shirt.
Read more about her live set in the New York Times. (E! Online)