Oprah's Favorite Things Are Extra Oprah-y This Year

Photo: Matt Baron/BEImages.
Today, Starbucks began serving hot beverages in red cups. Which means the season of midnight-madness sales, eating all the pie, and being disappointed by your Christmas bonus (or lack thereof) has officially begun. But, before you get all freaked out that the holidays are upon us again, like a never-ending cosmic cycle, let us remind you that 'tis also the season of Oprah gifting us with her annual Favorite Things list. Hark!
This year, Oprah has 72 Favorite Things, each one more awe-inspiring than the last. The list combines seasonal comfort clothes (Plush robes! Fuzzy slippers!), novel foods (Jam samplers! Bagel balls!), and normal stuff, priced for the 1% (cashmere hoodies and $150 loaves of bread, anyone?).
And yes, Oprah really did hand-select them all. At least, we think that's what this quote from O, the Oprah Magazine's December issue means:
“I tasted, I tested, I sniffed, I touched, I lotioned, I potioned, I snuggled, I brewed, I steeped, I read, I shared, I dared, and then, I did it all again…and again…and again,” quoth O.
Hear that, people? Oprah lotioned, potioned, toiled, and troubled for you. So, take a peek at our favorite Favorite Things ahead, and then give the full list a gander. It's sure to cure even the most Scrooge-hearted Grinch of her holiday malaise — all thanks to that angel on earth, Oprah.
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A watch so nice, you can wrap it twice (three times, if it's a gift).

Tory Burch Reva Double-Wrap Watch, $395, available at Tory Burch.
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Listen. We know a lot of people have a lot of feelings about Uggs. But, picture this, naysayers: It's a snowy Sunday, and the delivery guy is bringing malai kofta and onion naan to your door any moment. What do you throw on when he rings the bell — your spindly stilettos? No. You put on these plush, furry wonders.

UGG Alena Slipper, $120, available at Ugg Australia.
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To go with your Uggs, of course.

Lurin Long Pajama Set, $155, available at Marigot.
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Oprah is a powerful mogul who marches to the beat of her own drum and honors her spiritual side. That is so Aquarius of her.

Sequin Star Map Zodiac Necklace, $48, available at Sequin NYC.
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"Leave the trendy colors to the teens," Oprah decrees. Well, you heard the boss. These creamy taupes, pinks, and reds are the most important thing nail polishes could be: Oprah-approved.

Côte Limited Edition 9-Polish Gift Set, $144, available at Côte.
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"I love anything that jazzes up a button-down," Oprah writes. As fashion people know, shirts with button-down collars usually don't have French cuffs, but who are we mere mortals to contradict Winfrey?

Moon And Lola Vineyard Round Cufflinks, $68, available at Moon And Lola.
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World's chicest lip balm? No. This is a skin primer infused with actual pearls — just in case you thought Oprah's glowing skin was merely a projection of her inner light and peace.

Edward Bess Precious Pearl Perfector, $78, available at Neiman Marcus.
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Sure, you've probably been wise to the wonders of Warby Parkers for a few years now. But, thanks to Oprah, this is the year your mom gets hip to them, too. Try not to roll your eyes when mom calls them "Parky Warbers."

Warby Parker Goodney Glasses, $95, available at Warby Parker.
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Think Oprah would be down for a Sunday pizza and Scandal sesh at our place? We'd better send that Evite now.

Peace Love World I Love Sundays Lollipop Oversized Comfy Top, $98, available at Peace Love World.