Yes, Mermaid Weddings Are Now A Thing

Most Disney movies end with a picture-perfect wedding: The beautiful bride and groom kissing passionately in front of their friendly animal sidekicks while a honey-voiced narrator announces their happiness — ever after. As we Disney fans grow up, though, we're convinced these fairytale finales don't exist in real life. Well, we've just been proven wrong.
In this The Little Mermaid-inspired fantasy shoot for online bridal marketplace Your Cloud Parade, models Traci Hines and Leo Camacho dressed up as the lovebirds from the Disney classic. This crew really went all-out to bring our childhood favorite to life — complete with seashell pastries, aqua table settings, and a pose-off on the beach. A seafoam-green train substituted for Ariel's tail, while the bridesmaids donned tutus fit for King Triton's daughters. As far as bridal accessories and decorations go, the whole album is pretty spot-on.
If you're looking to replicate Ariel's nuptials, we have news that will make your inner Disney princess squee: Most products from the collaboration are available online. The only thing you need is a singing crustacean — and guests who won't judge you for having a "Hipster Little Mermaid Wedding." Whether the project is cute or a bit too cartoony, we'll let you be the judge.
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