Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Nails All-White Long After Labor Day

Photo: Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images.
We've long ignored the antiquated no-white-after-Labor-Day rule and our wardrobes have been better for it since. (A snowy sweater is one of winter's simplest pleasures, is it not?) But, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's head-to-toe ivory ensemble took rule-breaking to another level. And, she made it look so good, we're inspired to rebel in the same way.
The supermodel reached into the back of her closet and revived a ubiquitous summer staple, the classic white jean, by wearing her pair with a slouchy mohair sweater in the same hue. The result was surprisingly season-appropriate — cozy enough for mid-October, but cool enough for this unseasonably warm week. A few well-chosen accessories kept things from being too monochromatic, resulting in a look that's totally ingenious…and insanely easy to copy.
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Photo: Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images.
You needn't be a Victoria's Secret angel to give these whites a try.
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More stylish than a sweatshirt but every bit as comfortable.
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You can't snag her actor boyfriend, but you can snag her boyfriend jeans.
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A touch of blue is the perfect pop of color.
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Lightly-framed sunnies are essential.
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Diamonds are a girl's best friend (cats are a close second).
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A truly seasonless shoe (just be sure to weatherproof them!).