Taylor Swift, Born In 1989, Is Inspired By “The Ugly ‘80s”

As British Vogue’s October cover girl, she’s throwing back to the ‘80s in a major way with retro staples like sweater tanks, off-the-shoulder knits, and tons of neon. (Oh, and did we mention the mullet?) This unexpected mishmash of styles probably conjures up cringe-worthy memories for many, but not Taylor — mostly because she wasn’t there to experience the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of them in real time.
"Because I wasn’t there, I only see the highlight reel," Swift told photographer Mario Testino on set. Yes, Taylor was born in December of 1989, making her alive for mere weeks of her most-missed decade. While this touch of wide-eyed nostalgia (not to mention British Vogue's fashion team) gives the '80s-inspired clothing a glamorous revamp, we've got our fingers crossed that mullets and Flashdance attire don't come back for good. (British Vogue)