Olivia Pope Is A Serious Game Of Thrones Addict

EMBEDPhoto: Courtesy of NBC.
We already knew Kerry Washington is a Game of Thrones fan. We just didn't know that, like warrior wannabe Jessica Chastain, she's a super-fan.
While Olivia Pope's favorite dinner of choice appears to be red wine with a side of popcorn, Washington is not opposed to tearing into a turkey leg or mug of ale, Lannister-style.
Appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon yesterday, the Scandal star 'fessed up to throwing a GoT-themed dinner for Mother's Day two years ago. Turns out Mama Washington is a huge George R.R. Martin fan, and she got her daughter hooked on the show. That act of kindness was appropriately rewarded with a huge feast featuring "caveman turkey legs, a medieval rice pilaf, grapes, ale, and fire-roasted veggies."
We have no idea what a medieval rice pilaf is, but it sounds delicious. Just be sure to skip the Prince Joffrey-inspired wine course. Authenticity is great and all, but a mid-meal murder is a surefire way to dampen a dinner party's spirits.

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