You Don't Know That Designer 'Cuz He Doesn't Exist

"Fake it 'til you make it" is a pretty useful M.O. in life. Pretending to know what you're doing can carry you through job interviews, public speaking, and many other high-stress scenarios. But, this tactic shouldn't be applied to all situations. And, being interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel is a time when honesty is probably the best policy.
For the second installment of Lie Witness News: Fashion Week Edition, the talk-show crew asked stylish folks outside Lincoln Center for their opinions on fake designers and made-up events. As you can imagine, hilarity ensued.
The answers ranged from the understandable (sure, Heidi Klum could have face-planted at Alexander Wang) to the downright embarrassing (could designer "Chandler Bing"be any more obviously fake?). Still, these interviewees' abilities to earnestly wax poetic about imaginary entities proves one thing: Fashion people are truly a creative bunch. We only wish we could see these folks' reactions to being broadcast as frauds on national television. Maybe that "headless dress" will come in handy after all.