Watch The Fascinating Demo For This "Stab-Proof" Shirt

There was a time when no nobleman worth his serfs would be without a full suit of armor. But, in 2014, chain mail and steel gauntlets aren't exactly the "in" thing. What's a modern guy or gal to do to protect ourselves against a world of projectiles?
Enter Miguelo Romano, a Brooklyn-based brand that designs "armored clothing." Miguelo Romano's e-shop offers two separate categories of protective gear: There's the disturbing-sounding "anti-ballistic" collection, and the, well, equally disturbing-sounding "cut-resistant" clothing. The brand incorporates state-of-the-art fabrics into normal-looking hoodies and polos, and shoppers can choose their "Protection Level" as easily as they choose their color and size. One hoodie emblazoned with the word "Brooklyn," is available for $129 for a basic, non-protective model, $399 for a blade-resistant style, and a whopping $1,099 for the anti-ballistic model.
Of course, it may be more accurate to state that these shirts are "slash" rather than stab-resistant. As a Miguelo Romano rep clarifies in the YouTube comments: "Our fabric offers a very basic level of stab resistance subject to the width and thickness of a blade. The thicker and wider the blade the more stab resistance is offered." Good to know.