18 Brutal Pics Of Celebrity Teen Angst

Okay, everyone, let's all mentally dig up images of ourselves from our freshman year of high school. Think about who you were. Really think about the embarrassed feeling you get when someone who doesn't know you sees a photo of you from your teenaged years, say, hanging in your parents' basement. Now, remember that feeling, that version of yourself, and pretend it was being paraded around in front of thousands of people, all taking flash photos of you and talking about what you are wearing.
Yeah, it would be awful. Being a teenager is uncomfortable, and it is also the time in your life when your body decides to revolt against you, feelings run amok, and all you want to do is rage against the machine. And, for many Hollywood actors, that horrible time, where zits seem to be doing laps around the forehead, is captured for perpetuity.
So, this isn't ragging. This isn't hating on, or criticizing, or making fun of. No, it is a celebration of teen angst, the teen angst that is so palpable it can't be contained. Not on a red carpet, not by a stylist, no how, no way. Damn the man.
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Christina Ricci wants you to stop looking at her like that, gawwwwd.
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Photo: Joyce Silverstein/REX USA.
Dude, parents just don't understand Keanu Reeves.
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Photo: Alex J. Berliner/BEImages.
Claire Danes does not think you are being cool, or cute, or funny.
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Agent Cody Banks is the last thing that 13-year-old Scout Willis has any interest in seeing.
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Photo: Henry Lamb/BEImages.
Zoë Kravitz, 19, is tired and just wants to go back home and listen to her Smiths records.
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Photo: Matt Baron/BEImages.
Scarlett Johansson wants to know if you would like to try to start something...?
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Your bad vibes aren't bring Joseph Gordon-Levitt down.
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Photo: Alex J. Berliner/BEImages
No one truly understands, like, really understands, 15-year-old Natalie Portman.
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Photo: Matt Baron/BEImages.
Willow and Jaden Smith guess they can show up to your party. If they have to.
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Anna Paquin is wondering when are you going to quit being so weird?!
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"Damn the man!" says an 18-year-old Kelly Osbourne, as she leaves a red carpet.
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"You know what this is?" asks Shia LaBeouf. "It's a watch. And, a Screech shirt. DEAL WITH IT."
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Photo: Jim Smeal/Getty Images.
"Dad, are we done yet?" wonders Angelina Jolie.
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Photo: Lawrence Lucier/Getty Images.
Truth be told, we dug through years and years of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen pics, and while they never look really unhappy, they never looked totally happy, either.
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Jonny Depp just wants to brood. Why won't you let him brood, Mary? Why?!
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Actually, this whole slideshow could have just been 100 photos of Michael Pitt.
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It's not just Christina Applegate's lipstick that is dark. Her soul is dark, too.
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Photo: BEImages/Rex USA.
Laura Prepon is ready to blow this popsicle stand and head to the real party.