You Can't Unsee This New AHS: Freak Show Teaser

No offense to anyone out there who might actually have a forked tongue, but a close-up shot of one of those suckers going to town on a lollipop is something we never, ever need to see again.
If you've got a morbid curiosity, however, direct your attention to the below teaser trailer for American Horror Story: Freak Show. As with the first teaser, this new offering is guaranteed to give you the chills. And, if we ever hear a slurp again, we're going to stab ourselves in the ears. Shudder.
But, we digress. So, we've got conjoined twins, the smallest woman in the world, a two-faced man, and a forked tongue. Sounds intriguing. Sounds like good TV. Sounds like we're going to have some nightmares. Thanks, Ryan Murphy!
Video: Courtesy FX.

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