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Lisa Simpson's 6 Most Dramatic Identity Crises

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    The characters in The Simpsons are fairly consistent in their behavior. Homer is frustratingly oblivious, with moments of heartfelt redemption. Bart is a troublemaker who occasionally sees the error of his ways. And, the wunderkind Lisa often has the last laugh, but not before she's the butt of nearly every joke.

    There's something comforting about her — and the other Simpsons' — steadfastness. That's why much of America has been holed up watching FXX's #EverySimpsonsEver Marathon. But, after getting a fix of few episodes, we realized Lisa wasn't always the cool cucumber we know her to be. In fact, there's a handful of times she nearly lost her shit.

    Like every adolescent, Lisa's had her share of moments where she can't help but wonder, "Who am I?" and "What's it all about?" And, while she's always reconciled these situations without truly compromising her morals, there were a handful of times she completely abandoned her character.

    Prepare your DVR: Ahead, six times Lisa Simpson went AWOL.

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