Walter White & Jesse Pinkman Reunite...Sort Of

Considering their show's subject matter, Breaking Bad's creators should've known better than to abandon a bunch of addicts cold turkey. But, if you, like the rest of us, have been experiencing a serious case of B.B. withdrawal, consider today your lucky day. Walt and Jesse are back — well, sort of.
In a promotion for the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards on August 26, the Breaking Bad duo star alongside Julia Louis-Dreyfus in a reality-TV spoof, dubbed Barely Legal Pawn. It's funny — we don't know why Cranston saying "mamacita" makes us laugh out loud — and the guys even suit up, meth-lab style. Only, this time, it's for a much cuter, furrier purpose. All in all, the clip (sponsored by Audi of America and executively produced by Joseph Assad, PMK·BNC) definitely helps numb our Post-Pinkman-White Syndrome. Well, at least for today. Plus, it's nice to know these two still have great chemistry together. Watch the full spoof below, presented by Audi and executive produce