Your Horoscope For This Week!! — Aug 30 2014

Illustrated By Emily Forgot.
Bring back the love, stargazers. This Tuesday, September 2, messenger Mercury moves into Libra — the heavenly peacekeeper — for three weeks. Diplomacy returns, and we’ll have an easier time striking compromises and finding win-wins. The urge to couple up will be stronger with Mercury here, both for business and pleasure. On Friday, vital Venus decamps to Virgo until the 29th, making “organic” and “all-natural” our favorite buzzwords. Restore your glow the old-fashioned way: Chug H2O, get adequate sleep, and pile that plate with clean, green fuel.
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Illustrated By Emily Forgot.
Form follows function — a principle you’ll happily embrace this week (and a term coined by Virgo modernist architect Louis Sullivan). Your ruling planet, Mercury, decamps in your no-frills second house, putting you in a practical groove. Sure, you can add the bells and whistles, but not until you’ve made sure your foundation is rock-solid. Apply this to everything: your finances, décor, dating style, even the way you schedule your workdays. You’ll save a bundle and have time to spare once you do. Not that you should become a total ascetic: On Friday, decadent, romantic Venus stops into Virgoland until the 29th, sanctioning a splurge. Carve out a budget for spoiling yourself — heck, set up a special savings account. In love, bring some “me” back in with the “we.” Your independent spirit is sexy.
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Ready to reinvent yourself? Step into September with a brand new style — not just on the surface, either. With messenger Mercury hanging in Libra from Tuesday until September 27, you’ll have an easier time asserting yourself and asking for what you want and need. Forget about being a follower; Libra the Leader is in the house now. Let your competitive spirit out to play instead of being so damn polite: The cream always rises to the top. Fairy-tale romances could make this weekend quite the page-turner. With ardent Venus slipping into your dreamy, enchanted 12th house from Friday until August 29, you’ll proudly rock the rose-colored glasses when it comes to love. Just remember: Everyone has a past. The sooner you see that side of 'em, the better your choices will be.
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Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries. We teach people how to treat us, Scorpio. This week, Mercury moves into your 12th house of transitions, flashing a code-red martyr alert. Giving 'til it hurts is not noble, and rarely does it bring the appreciation you crave and deserve. If a relationship has become lopsided, this is the time to pull back — or make clear requests and see if people step up. Besides, the muse is in the house until September 27. All that energy you save by not chasing after a neglectful frenemy can be used to pen a collection of short stories or your first EP. Romantic Venus is on the move this week, heading into your lighthearted 11th house from Friday until September 29. Focus on friendships — or the friendship aspect of your relationship. If you’re looking for love, you’ll find it when you least expect it, so join friends for laugh-inducing hangouts whenever possible.
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September is off to a social start as garrulous Mercury moves through your teamwork sector from Tuesday until the 27th. So what if you’ve already maxed out your Facebook-friend limit? There’s always room for another face in your motley crew. That community spirit could extend to work-related projects, too. Join forces with other freethinkers, or at least hit up some networking events before it gets lonely at the top. Friday’s Venus sign-change ignites your power-couple fantasies. With the planet of amour cruising through Virgo and your goal-oriented 10th house until September 29, you’ll get clear on which qualities are a must — and which are deal-breakers. You could meet a hot prospect through a work function. An office romance is a possibility; couple Archers could team up professionally with their romantic partners. In both scenarios, you’ll want to proceed with caution.
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Break out your best moves. Your need to succeed could reach a fever pitch over the coming few weeks, thanks to messenger Mercury moving through your career sector from September 2 until the 27th. It’s fine to be competitive; just don’t tread into cutthroat terrain, Capricorn. Your relationships with men will take a turn for the better, so enjoy being one of the boys this September. On Friday, follow the urge to text your summer fling or plan another vacation (why not?) with your boo. Romance planet Venus pulses through your travel sector until the 29th. A change of scenery — or a visit from your Ibiza playmate — can spice up these last official days of summer.
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August was quite a page-turner for you, Aquarius — and, quite frankly, you could use a break from all that intensity. Good news: This Tuesday, social Mercury bursts into your jovial, adventurous ninth house, making you feel like your fun-loving self again. Step one: Stop indulging drama. Put the kibosh on constant complaining, gossiping, and criticizing among your crew. Step two: Plan some field trips, like a weekend getaway with a caravan of friends or a yoga retreat. Not that you can totally swear off the seductive vibes — on Friday, love planet Venus slinks into your minxy eighth house, spicing up your pillow talk and quite possibly bringing in someone worthy of soul-mate status. Already coupled? Your private playtime just got hotter, so draw the drapes.
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With messenger Mercury slinking through your mysterious eighth house from Tuesday until September 27, you’re not exactly in live-out-loud mode. The best stuff happens behind closed doors now, so hang the "Do Not Disturb" sign. Relationships intensify, and you’ll need to hash out your exclusivity clause. Careful, though: The green-eyed monster will nip at your heels, and jealousy could get the best of you before this week is through. Don’t go there. Fortunately, Friday’s stars lighten things up when amorous Venus moves into Virgo and your relationship house. You won’t be the only one craving closeness now; in fact, your dance card becomes mighty full during this three-week Venus phase. Be highly selective — but not completely unforgiving of the human flaws you see.
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It’s commitment time, Aries. So, are you in or are you out? On Tuesday, messenger Mercury heads into Libra until September 27, making it easier to negotiate those two-person mergers. Admit it: You can be pretty quick to bail when the going gets tough. But, don’t — not until you at least try to work out a compromise. It will be easier than you think. Single Rams could meet a mate through the introduction of mutual friends. On Friday, Venus rekindles your radiant glow. Hop on the healthy-living bandwagon and make green your new black until September 29. Keep your options as close to all-natural as possible, from your beauty regimen to the groceries you slip into your eco-chic, reusable bag.
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Pragmatic Taurus, you love when your life can be mapped into a well-designed infographic. Well, grab the power-drill and label-maker, because it’s Mission: Efficiency time. From Tuesday until September 27, Mercury moves through your savvy, systematic sixth house. When you’re not building bookshelves (and obsessively arranging the objets tucked between the tomes), you’ll be dragging piles of paper to the shredder and selling your outgrown couture on Bib + Tuck. Cupid comes for a visit on Friday, though, so do leave room in your schedule for amour. With romance planet Venus cruising into Virgo until the 29th, you have cosmic carte blanche to extend the summer lovin' well into fall. Take the lead in this dance!
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Someone's having their moment in love this week — yes, that would be you, Gemini. With your ruling planet Mercury moving into Libra until the 27th, passion starts percolating. Find the object of your affection and enjoy yourself, whether it turns into a happily-ever-after or not. This Mercury cycle helps you promote yourself, too. Step into a leadership role or keep the Instagrams coming fast and furious. When you’re not snapping selfies before your dress-up dates, give Chateau Gemini a zhushing. Astro-aesthete Venus decamps to Virgo for three weeks this Friday, an optimal time to decorate or host a legendary house party. Bring on the craft cocktails.
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Get that girls'-night-out plan in motion. Social Mercury moves into Libra from Tuesday until the 27th, lighting up your feminine fourth house. You’ll give Icona Pop a run for their sisterly anthems now, and don’t forget to reconnect with the she-relatives on your family tree, too. Your mind will be on domestic matters, so if it’s time to redecorate or relocate, Mercury speeds the process. On Friday, warm up your right-swiping skills. Venus swoops into your flirty, quicksilver third house until the 29th, and you’ll feel like playing the field. Surprise — someone could step forward from the friend zone to profess deeper feelings. This is a stellar time to work on a writing project or refresh your blog with beautiful photos and a sleek, new theme.
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Think globally, explore locally. This Tuesday, curious Mercury kicks off a three-week trek through your house of hometown happenings. Sating your wanderlust could be as easy as knocking on your neighbor’s apartment door, or talking to a local venue about hosting an open-mic night. You’ll have the gift of gab now, too; look out, world — loquacious Leo is on the loose. Book a spa treatment for the weekend and start scouring for your signature fall pieces, as decadent Venus heads into Virgo and your luxe-loving second house until the 29th. Less is more, so save up for one keeper in each category (wristlet, denim, ankle boots) instead of cluttering your closet with trendy sale items that won’t last a year.