Tori Amos Covered "Creep" & It Was Beautiful

Sorry, millenials, but we're about to get all early '90s up in here.
Radiohead may have tired of "Creep" — they haven't performed the 1992 hit in years — but nobody else has. On Wednesday, Tori Amos joined the long list of musicians who have covered the song by busting out a piano-powered version during a gig in New York City.
The "Cornflake Girl" crooner gave the tune a strangely soothing quality. Who'd have thought that lyrics like "so fucking special" could sound like part of a lullaby?
Amos — who, believe it or not, is 50 now — is clearly a Radiohead disciple. She's previously covered "Karma Police," which means it might be time for Thom Yorke to return the favor by jamming out to "Crucify" or "God."
Watch the video below to see Amos give the '90s classic her soulful spin. As a point of comparison, we've also added clips of other notable "Creep" covers. Yes, even the Kelly Clarkson one. (Consequence of Sound)

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