Vogue's September Cover Is Here & It's An It-Girl Explosion

600Photo: Via The Fashion Spot.
The way Vogue safeguards its yearly September cover is rivaled only by the way a bride-to-be hides her dress from her fiancé. So, when we stumbled across this photo of the forthcoming issue on The Fashion Spot (rumored to have been snapped at a European newsstand), there was no small amount of excitement in our office.
Featuring not one, not two, but three of our favorite models, the cover is basically an It-Girl explosion. On it, Joan Smalls, Cara Delevingne, and Karlie Kloss sport surprisingly no-nonsense beauty looks: With their clean faces and sporty, pulled-back hair, they could almost be the hottest first, second, and third basewomen ever. Of course, they are also wearing super-spangly gowns, because, as Anna once said, "It's Vogue, okay? Please, let's lift it."
The photo also reveals that the issue clocks in at a massive 856 pages, down from last year's 902-page J.Lawr whopper, but handily beating 2009's recession-thinned, 584-page Charlize Theron cover, and even the 2007 Sienna Miller cover that at the time crowed "biggest issue ever!" at 840 pages.
So, is this rare, model-only cover Vogue's way of throwing a bone to the many folks left bereft by the Kim Kardashian Incident? More importantly, can supermodels — er, sorry, "Instagirls," per the cover line — still move issues like the Rihannas and Lena Dunhams of the world? We'll have to wait 'til this one hits U.S. newsstands to find out. (The Fashion Spot)