Robyn Erects A "Monument" In New Video

For all the hyper-stylized pop videos debuting this summer, Robyn & Röyksopp's "Monument" stands apart from the others. It's high-concept without the pretension. It's lofty, but accessible.
There is no complex storyline like "Black Widow" to cover up a relatively easy track. Instead, the excellence is found in the brilliant mix between Robyn & Röyksopp's song and director Max Vitali's sci-fi vision. "Monument" comes to life in the form of a glowing, spinning orb — bringing to mind Gravity more than anything else. Sublimely atmospheric, "Monument" stands as the duo's most realized visual of the three singles released off this summer's mini-album , Do It Again. It might not carry the immediate wow factor some of this season's videos do, but it'll resonate with you long after you come down from the sugar high of the others.