This Is How Top Models Work Out

Photo: Max Zorin/Getty Images.
When we heard about how Lais Ribeiro and Alessandra Ambrosio like to stay fit during the summer, we immediately had an idea. The two top models both told Modelinia that they like to play volleyball. "You don't say!" we exclaimed (to ourselves). "We also like to play volleyball!"
The only logical conclusion: It’s time to form the ultimate R29/supermodel beach-volleyball team. What we editors lack in the height department, we’ll make up for in team spirit, right? We'll definitely include Martha Hunt and Alexandra Richards, who enjoy playing beach paddleball and badminton, respectively. And, while Lily Aldridge's love for swimming may not be directly applicable to our volleyball team, the photo to the right has certainly secured her a spot. Nice vertical jump, Lil.
While we get to recruiting, you can click through to see what Ambrosio (and other top models) picks for staying fit during the hot summer months. We'll just be over here brainstorming our team name — The Sand Angels, or maybe The Model Citizens. We’ll put it to a team vote.
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Photo: Via @alessandraambrosio
“I love playing volleyball on the beach. It’s a great workout, it’s fun, and you get a nice tan. It’s also great because after the game you can just jump into the ocean and refresh yourself.” – Alessandra Ambrosio

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Photo: Via @laisribeiro16
“I like to play volleyball and soccer with my friends. They’re both such great workouts and are always so fun!” – Lais Ribeiro

Her Instagram picture proves that she's also really great at doing tree pose on a paddleboard.
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Photo: Via @hoskelsa
“I’m so terrible with working out outdoors because I’m such a sweat monster, but I do like running outdoors, sometimes along the West Side Highway, or somewhere where there is a little breeze.”
– Elsa Hosk
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Photo: Via @marhunt
“I love paddleball on the beach — that’s always fun to play with friends. I also love doing yoga wherever I can while traveling. I love a good outdoor yoga and meditation session.”
– Martha Hunt (Apparently also a fan of the paddleboard.)

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Photo: Via @lilyaldridge
“I love swimming! It’s so good for your body, and you have so much fun while doing it, that you don’t even realize you’re working out. I also think a swimmer’s body is so beautiful.”
– Lily Aldridge

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“I love badminton! I’ve been obsessed with it ever since I was a little kid. My sister and I grew up playing that together. Every other sport I tried I would end up breaking something. I played football with my cousin last summer and broke my pinky, and then I tried playing soccer and I broke my toe, so I’m sticking with badminton for now.” – Alexandra Richards