Your Horoscope For This Week — Aug 17 2014

Time to stack your calendar with soirees; the sun spends its last week of 2014 in party-loving Leo, which has been high season for hedonists since July 22. But, on Saturday, el sol moves on (sniff) to Virgo, reminding us grasshoppers that we need discipline. Then, weekend warriors might do battle with their messy closets instead of the annoying Port-A-Potty lines at a music festival. But, why not live it up until then? Especially since Monday’s union of Venus and Jupiter brings some big, big love our way.
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No holding back! You’re the ultimate creatrix this week, Leo, so unleash your imaginative powers on the world. With the sun, Jupiter, and Venus convening in your sign, genius ideas will hit you a mile a minute. Capture them all, but wait until the weekend to take them to the limit. This Saturday, the sun will move on to Virgo and your house of practical planning until September 23. While this bittersweet transit signals the end of your 2014 birthday season, the good news is that you’ll start to feel more like a CEO than a sparklepony again. Welcome this productive month with your can-do spirit and put on the project manager’s chapeau. How much time, people power, and cold, hard cash will be required to pull of your grand ideas? Spec it out and you’ll see how doable they really are. New work opportunities crop up, too. Circulate that resume!
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It’s cleanup time, Virgo — a rallying cry that might be music to your order-loving ears. The trouble is, you can also be a little bit of a hoarder, and this week’s stars demand that you let go of some “sentimental objects” that are weighing you down. There’s reason for this. On Saturday, the sun heads into Virgo for a month, kicking off a brand new year of life for you. In order to evolve and grow, you’ve gotta let go. So, be stern with yourself and make those cuts. Snip away toxic ties, too. Some people, no matter how much social cachet they bring, are just not worthy of the friend label. We promise you this, Virgo: You don’t need them in order to rise and shine.
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Being in demand feels awesome, so get used to it, Libra. This Monday, worldly Jupiter and charming Venus sync up in your social networking zone, shooting your popularity up the charts. Cast the widest net you can, because your friends and fan base will be spread out all over the globe. Be the nucleus of your existing social circle, too. Take it upon yourself to organize a legendary end-of-summer hangout before the week is through. On Saturday, the sun heads into Virgo and your 12th house of transitions. This four-week phase, which comes right before your birthday time each year, is meant for cleaning house and tying up loose ends. Relax, refresh, and rejuvenate — so you don’t drag any early-2014 baggage into your next year of life.
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Well, look who’s giving the Kardashian femmepire a run for their red-painted heels. With a power posse of planets in your professional zone for much of the week, channel Scorpio mom Kris and take charge. Your fierce determination to succeed will help you leap into a new league. And, yes, it is time to ask for that raise and promotion. But, remember that it can get lonely at the top. On Saturday, the sun blazes into Virgo for a month, setting your collaborative 11th house on fire. Teamwork makes the dream work, but only if you have the right people (read: ones who are as obsessed with the endgame as you) involved.
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Keep the vacation vibes going strong, even if you happen to be sitting in a cramped cubicle this week. With the sun, Venus, and Jupiter cliqued together in your jet-setting ninth house, your adventurous spirit is at the helm. If you can’t literally get away, live it up, staycation style. Take new routes to all destinations and assiduously avoid “the usual places.” And, by all means, use that personal day to lounge by a pool or take a one-day road trip out of town. On Saturday, the sun moves on to Virgoville and your career zone for a month, making #obsessedwithsuccess your end-of-summer hashtag. Strategic socializing could attract a VIP connection this weekend, so bring your business cards to your friend’s beach house.
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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Take a break from snapping selfies this week and enjoy life outside of the prying, spying eyes of the social-media obsessed public. With planets packed in your private eighth house until Saturday, the best stuff happens out of sight now. That could include inking an amazing business deal or enjoying the peer-into-your-soul intensity generally reserved for the Hazel-and-Gus types of the world. The bubble bursts on Saturday when the sun heads into Virgo and your wildly worldly ninth house for a month. Let your inner gypsy take the wheel. You could end the summer with some serious couchsurfing, glamping, and bouncing between friends’ beach houses. Fire up the WhatsApp, too, because opportunity could knock from a foreign postal code.
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A passionate connection between Venus and magnifying Jupiter makes you long for lasting love. This could be the week where you lock it in — or remove any obstacles to finding The One. For example, your own stubborn beliefs about being “trapped” by relationships or a general unwillingness to compromise about, well, anything. When the sun heads into Virgo for a month this Saturday, you’ll see the freedom that having a solid partner can provide. But, that doesn’t just apply to love. Work, friendship, creative projects — all will benefit from you working the buddy system between now and September 23.
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Rainbows and unicorns? Not this week, thanks. A pragmatic posse of planets is keeping you far away from your beloved rose-colored glasses. Question everything until you truly understand what people are promising you. Put those agreements in writing, too, to avoid later confusion. Until the weekend, your mission is to get life organized, systematized, and beautified. Queue up the Spotify playlists, and have a painting party Chez Pisces. Take regular dance breaks, too — all work and no play makes you one sad mermaid. On Saturday, the sun drifts into Virgo and your partnership house for a month, making two your magic number. Relationships heat up and become far more exclusive. Be careful what — and who — you wish for; no one will be eager to say goodbye to you during this magnetic four-week phase.
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Be still thy beating heart. This Monday, radiant Venus and larger-than-life Jupiter sync up in your passionate, romantic fifth house. Resistance is futile, Aries, so you might as well surrender to Cupid’s calling. Psst: If you’ve got baby fever, you could be seeing a bump in the near future. Not ready for bambinos? Double-protect! This cosmic coupling could also put your name on the marquee. With worldly Jupiter in the mix, love or fame could arrive from a faraway corner of the world. Jump on any opportunity to celebrate life this week, Aries, because everything settles down on Saturday when the sun heads into Virgo and your systematic sixth house for a month. Devote the weekend to all those practical matters you’ve been blowing off since July. Truth be told, it will feel good to get back to a grounded groove then.
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Reserve that eight-top table, Taurus. This week’s stars bring some family-style fun your way. Gather your inner circle together for a long-overdue catch-up over drinks and a midweek meal. You might even play host, wowing your design-blogger friends with your culinary prowess. Need to have a heart-to-heart with a relative or one of your girls? Monday’s sweet-talking (but truth-telling) merger of Venus and Jupiter helps you air your grievances diplomatically. Hug it out, Bull. On Saturday, Cupid starts slinging arrows your way. That day, the sun heads into Virgo and your amorous, glamorous fifth house until September 23. Slip off the Lululemon, slide on the Louboutin. It’s time to make like Iggy Iggs and get fancy. You could meet your autumn amour while you’re out painting the town crimson.
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Desperately Seeking BFFs. As a Gemini, you feel your best when you have an on-call sounding board, that soul twin your sign just needs. Keep your antennas up! This is the week you could find the Aino to your Caroline and embark on an adventurous world tour together. On Saturday, the sun heads into Virgo and your feminine fourth house. It’s “me and my girlfriends” time for you until September 23, so take a break from being one of the guys and develop stronger bonds with the influential ladies in your life. Your nesting instincts kick up during Virgo time, too. Time to spruce your space or find a better place to hang your hat.
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Make it rain! With a cosmic coterie lighting up your second house for the entire workweek, you are a money magnet. Bring on the power lunches and pitch meetings. Your ideas could catch on like wildfire, bringing a fresh wave of prosperity and putting you in solid standing at the company. If you’re not kicking off a startup of your own, be more “intrapreneurial” by injecting the entrepreneurial spirit into your nine-to-five gig. This weekend, the social butterfly is out of the cocoon. With the sun speeding through Virgo and your friendship house until September 23, kindred spirits crop up everywhere. Action heats up on the local scene, but you could also start commuting more often between two locations. This might be the perfect time to upgrade your transportation plan. The question is: four wheels or two?